Herbal Star Candles Prancer's Pumpkin Bread Mini Tarts
Herbal Star Candles Prancer's Pumpkin Bread Mini Tarts

Prancer's Pumpkin Bread Mini Tarts


Prancer’s Pumpkin Bread Melts offer the sweet & spicy pumpkin bread scents. Fans of the Pumpkin Star Patch scent will love this too. Burn time 12-18 hours depending on your bulb's brightness. This will be a Holiday favorite.

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Features of the Prancer's Pumpkin Bread Mini Tarts:

  • Pack of 6 Tarts/Melts
  • Blend of sweet & spicy pumpkin bread
  • Oils used are natural and skin safe
  • Each mini square lasts approx. 12-18 hours, depending on your bulb brightness

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