6 Watt Silicone Flame Tip Bulb

Our 6 watt bulb has been tested for safety and recommended for use in any of our 6" Candle Sleeves. Electrified bases and bulbs sold separetly. Made in the USA. One size available, 6" large.


Fia Flame LED Orange Flame Candle

NEW! See our video below! Solves the problem of needing electricity for your Candle Sleeves! The Candle Sleeve LED Orange Flame light replaces the electrical base. Perfect for a bookcase! 6 hour timer. USB Charging cable included.


Fia Flame LED White Flame Candle

NEW! See our video below! LED White Flame Candle is perfect for a lantern on a deck or in a Candle Sleeve on your favorite shelf! 6 hour timer. Charged with USB. USB Charging cable included.


Round Candle Sleeve Base Black Non Electric

Solid wood Round Candle Sleeve Non-Electrical Base is made in the USA. Great to use with Candle Sleeves. Add a Fia Flame LED Candle light (sold separately, see link below) that allows you control remotely in any location in your home.


Round Candle Sleeve Base Classic Red Non-Electric

Bring a new option to your Candle Sleeve Collection with the base that is non-electric. Lots of flexibility. Add a Fia Flame light to make your Candle Sleeve glow. In-stock and ready to ship.


Black Round Candle Sleeve Base

You'll love this Black Round Candle Sleeve Base. Accented with a flame-tipped bulb & realistic candle drips, and designed & made just for the 6" candle sleeves we sell seperately on this site. One 6" bulb included.