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1803 Perfect Morning Melters

The warmth, the taste and the aroma of the first sip of coffee makes for a Perfect Morning. 1803 Perfect Morning Soy Melter brings the fragrance of fresh-ground coffee swirled with sweet, caramel cream and notes of spiced pumpkin.


1803 Cranberry Cupboard Melter

The 1803 Cranberry Cupboard Melter blends cranberries, a splash of orange, and warming spices. Cranberry Cupboard warms the room as the combination of tart and sweet create a welcoming fragrance in your home.

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1803 Hocus Pocus Soy Melters

1803 Hocus Pocus Soy Melters are a blend of aromas of vanilla rum cake with a maple praline strudel and crushed gingersnaps await us in momma's kitchen after an eventful night of trick or treating!


1803 Maple Sugar House Melters

1803 Maple Sugar House Melters bring memories of melt-in-your-mouth maple sugar candy from auntie’s old copper candy molds or nutty, vanilla tinged maple syrup poured onto hot flapjacks stir as the first aromas of this soy jar candle fill the room.


1803 Family Everything Melter

1803 Family Everything Melter blend a smooth vanilla and nutty cardamom with a small amount of musk create this Scent Reminscent of Simpler Times®. Family Everything is an aroma that will bring your loved ones together, near or far.


1803 Lavender Lemongrass Melters

A revitalizing scent, this 1803 soy melter is one of our “Top Ten”! Our Lavender Lemongrass melters are a superb blend of lemongrass and lavender essential oils to bring you a fearless, uplifting aroma that soothes the soul.


1803 Believe Melters

The 1803 Believe Melters bring the classic aroma of red hot cinnamon and rich spices. It's sure to take the wintery chill from the cabin as you reminisce with friends and family. A favorite amongst young and old, Believe recalls the Christmas spirit!


1803 Mistletoe Kisses Melters

1803 Mistletoe Kisses Melters is a bold union of fresh pine and cedar boughs gathered with bright red berries Mistletoe Kisses melters are a choice selection for your beloved holiday season. A top favorite holiday season aroma since its debut.


1803 Good Ole Apple Pie Soy Melters

1803 Good Ole Apple Pie Soy Melters are just like your mama would make, Good Ol Apple Pie carries the fragrance of hand-rolled flaky pie crust with perfectly wavy edges, enveloping the baked, sugary cinnamon apples.


1803 Snowman Village Melters

1803 Snowman Village Melters are the toasty warm embrace of a freshly-baked pound cake with a praline glaze greeting you as you arrive home after an afternoon spent in winter cold.


1803 Pine Needles Berries Melters

1803 Pine Needles Berries Melters is ripe with cranberries mixed with a warming spice and notes of citrusy oranges make up our fragrance. This house-warming fragrance welcomes visitors to your inviting home.


Eucalyptus Lavender 2.5oz Melt Milkhouse

The Eucalyptus Lavender is a refreshing up-to-date blend of lavender and the exotic spice notes of eucalyptus. Very warm and inviting.Our new Clean Release melt formula won't stick to the sides of most warmers! 100% Paraffin-Free Soy Melt.