Products tagged with Melts

Lemon Daisy Mini Pack of Tarts

Lemon Daisy mini-breakaway clamshell packets of wax tarts are the scent of a creamy lemon biscotti cookie.
Affordable & burn time approx. 12-18 hours, depending on your bulb and how bright it is. Made in the USA!


1803 Cider Mill Melters

1803 Cider Mill Melters is the essence of baked apples coming from the orchard bakery. Cider Mill's refreshing, aromatic apple notes will whisk you to the apple orchard on an autumn afternoon with hints of sugared cider donuts.


1803 Cabin on the Hill Melters

Cabin on the Hill is another country-inspired aroma from our collection of 1803 Collection. This soul-warming mixture of woody spice, leaves, and fresh trimmed greens brings around days nostalgic for days at the cottage in fall.


1803 Homestead Holiday Melters

Smell the balsam and woodstoves of homes nearby. A crisp winter morning, sparkling snow, the bright sun‹_ these are the attributes of the 1803 Homestead Holiday Soy Melters. Another of our scents reminiscent of simpler times.


1803 Pine Needles Berries Melters

1803 Pine Needles Berries Melters is ripe with cranberries mixed with a warming spice and notes of citrusy oranges make up our fragrance. This house-warming fragrance welcomes visitors to your inviting home.


1803 Maple Sugar House Melters

1803 Maple Sugar House Melters bring memories of melt-in-your-mouth maple sugar candy from auntie’s old copper candy molds or nutty, vanilla tinged maple syrup poured onto hot flapjacks stir as the first aromas of this soy jar candle fill the room.


1803 Family Everything Melter

1803 Family Everything Melter blend a smooth vanilla and nutty cardamom with a small amount of musk create this Scent Reminscent of Simpler Times®. Family Everything is an aroma that will bring your loved ones together, near or far.


1803 Lavender Lemongrass Melters

A revitalizing scent, this 1803 soy melter is one of our “Top Ten”! Our Lavender Lemongrass melters are a superb blend of lemongrass and lavender essential oils to bring you a fearless, uplifting aroma that soothes the soul.


1803 Hocus Pocus Soy Melters

1803 Hocus Pocus Soy Melters are a blend of aromas of vanilla rum cake with a maple praline strudel and crushed gingersnaps await us in momma's kitchen after an eventful night of trick or treating!


1803 Pumpkin Cornbread Melters

1803 Pumpkin Cornbread Melters smell just like delicious homemade cornbread. The scent of fluffy, warm cornbread flavored with cupboard spice and sweet pumpkin, these melters make it easy to choose a "flame-free” fall aroma for your home.


Tiki Beach Flower 2.5oz Melt Milkhouse

ARRIVING SOON! Bring the ocean home with the scent Tiki Beach Flower! Imagine the scents of blue green waves mingling with tropical fruits of melon, pineapple, starfruit & juicy red berries amid breezy island florals floating from your melter.