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Products tagged with Melters

1803 Cornbread & Honey Melters

Just like in the kitchen growing up the Cornbread & Honey Melts brings back memories of grandma's best recipe! This Southern-influenced scent is bring back the golden brown crust of cornbread drizzled in buckwheat honey.


Sweet Tobacoo Leaves 2.5oz Milkhouse

The Sweet Tobacco Leaves scent from Milkhouse brings the fragrance of tobacco leaves accented with notes of cognac, amber, & sweet peach floating thru your home. Brings a warm, soothing, ambience to your home. 12-18 hrs. burn time.


Coffee Break 2.5oz Melt Milkhouse

Like the scent of coffee brewing in the morning! The Coffee Break Melt scent is a blend of deep rick notes of freshly roasted and brewed coffee blended with just the right touch of sweet cream. YUMMY! Burn time of 12-18 hours.


Orange Marmalade Mini Pack of Tarts

The Orange Marmalade Tarts are a true stand out! Orange Marmalade is the scent of orange spice marmalade and creamy vanilla. (it is the same scent as Primitive Bird from previous years). 12-18 hours burn time depending on bulb brightness.


1803 Lemon Drop Cookie Melters

The Lemon Drop Cookie melters are just like tangy, vanilla, buttery sugar cookies! Simply lemony deliciousness! Just enough tang, with a fresh, restorative lemon zest scent, Lemon Drop Cookie will be your favorite home-made treat in without a Flame.