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Orange Clove & Spices Mini Tarts

You'll love the Holiday label and the scent inside. This fragrance of tarts for the Christmas season is called Orange Clove Spice. A great way to refresh any space during this special time of year. Made in the USA.


Silver Birch 5.5oz Milkhouse

Imagine the Fall scent of Silver Birch; evergreen and warm spices with the fragrance of birch and the coolness of an Autumn evening. Made of Soy wax in six break away cubes. Easy to clean and doesn't stick to your warmers.


Live Well Illumination Fragrance Warmer

Enjoy the sentiment of Live, Laugh, Love while the scent of your favorite melts floats thru your home or office. Safer option with no open flame, smoot or carbon toxins. In-stock and ready to ship.


Illumination Fragrance Warmer Galvanized Tin

Fantastic Farmhouse look in this Galvanized Tin Illumination Fragrance Warmer. Your favorite scents in a warmer that accents your country home without smoke, soot or carbon toxins.


1803 Almond Vanilla Soy Melter 4oz

The simple Almond Vanilla scent is just like your modern farmhouse. You'll love the warmth & timelessness of this terrific soy melters.


Old Santa Cinnamon Pack of Tree Shaped Tarts

You'll love these special "tree shaped" tarts in the Old Santa Cinnamon scent. All natural oils used and they are skin safe. Comes in a pack of 6 tarts. 12-18 hours of melting time. In-stock and ready to ship. See more details below.


Sweet Tobacco Leaves 5.5oz Milkhouse

With the scent of an Kentucky Tobacco barn accented by cognac, amber, and sweet peach. Milkhouse has created Sweet Tobacco Leaves. This melt is made of paraffin free soy wax. In-stock and ready to ship. More details below.


Autumn Day 5.5oz MIlkhouse

A blend of red berries, apple slices, nutmeg, spice, pepper, coconut and vanilla work together to create Autumn Day. This Fall fragrance is made from a paraffin free soy wax. In-stock and ready to ship. See below for more details.


Farmhouse Illumination Warmer

You'll love the simple design, small gold flecks, and the farmhouse country milk jug shape. Safer to use than an open flame with no toxins, soot or smoke! NP5 bulb included. See more details below.


Chicken Wire Vintage Bulb Fragrance Warmer

Farmhouse design with Chicken Wire detailing. This warmer will bring all your favorite melts to life. Flexible for any outlet, vertical or horizontal. Good above a desk at work, on an island or above counter outlets. In-stock, ready to ship.


Flannel & Frost 5.5oz Milkhouse

Flannel & Frost is a scent like cuddling up on a cold day with a warm cappuccino. Imagine a fragrance blended with fir needle & frosted eucalyptus, with cedar, spearmint, and amber musk added. Let Milkhouse soy melters freshen up your country home.


Cup O' Joe 5.5oz Milkhouse

Bring the delicious scent of rich coffee, including notes of vanilla, cinnamon and hazelnut, in Cup O' Joe Melts. This blend is sure to make your space smell YUMMY with these soy melters from Milkhouse Candles.

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