Products tagged with Soy

1803 Harvest At The Farm Melter

Pumpkins, falling leaves & your favorite sweater will come to mind with the Harvest at the Farm Soy Melts. This new scent is in a resealable package that holds six squares. Each melt is sprinkled with dried goods to add touches of color & texture.


Home Sweet Home Jar Candle 24oz

The Home Sweet Home Jar Candle is a new blend of spiced vanilla & almond. This TOP SELLER is a 100% Soy.
The candle will burn clean with no smoke for 110 hours. Made in the USA!


Summer Storm 16oz Milkhouse

The Summer Strom scent is like an unexpected storm with dewy greens, moist earth & cool breezes awash with aromatic herbals calmed with rain-soaked woods & hints of coconut water. Enjoy this clean burning soy candle for 60 hrs. burn time.


Spiced Honey Cake Jar Candle 24oz

The Spiced Honey Cake 24oz Jar Candle is a blend of cinnamon spiced honey cake! This wonderful scent is a 100% Soy candle. The candles will burn clean with no smoke for 110 hours. Made in the USA!


Moroccan Mint 2.5oz Melt Milkhouse

NEW SCENT! Experience the invigorating elements of cool peppermint blending with refreshing eucalyptus and garden rosemary sweetened with fresh spearmint. It won't stick to the sides of most warmers! 100% Paraffin-Free Soy Melt.


Fresh Herbs Jar Candle 24oz

The Fresh Herbs Jar Candle scent is a blend of parsley, lime-basil, & thyme. It smells very herbal, but with the freshness of a greenhouse and the garden. This candle is 100% Soy. The candle burns clean with no smoke for 110 hours.