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White Sage & Bergamot 16oz Butter Jar

The White Sage & Bergamot scent brings a fresh and clean scent to any space. The blend of citrus-splashed herbs and cashmere. A great start to a Spring day. 60 hours of burn time.


White Sage & Bergamot 8oz Milkhouse

The White Sage & Bergamot scent brings a fresh and clean scent to any space. The blend of citrus-splashed herbs and cashmere. A great start to a Spring day. 50 hours of burn time.


Apple Crisp Christmas Soy Jar Candle

Apple Crisp Christmas from blends yummy spices & warm apple crisp. It is not too sweet, and not too spicy. The warmth of the apple crisp & the spices really enhance this fragrance. Burn time 110 hours.


Home-made Gingerbread Red Barn Jar Candle

The scents of your favorite kitchen during the Holiday is captured in this Home-Made Gingerbread Soy Jar Candle. From the new line of 100% Soy Wax Candles poured into a 24 oz “Old Look” Mason Jar topped with a “vintage” tin lid!


1803 Candy Corn Candle

Candy Corn is a Halloween staple and this childhood favorite has been blended with gooey vanilla cream, marshmallow, and touches of almond to give you a new scent for Fall. The fragrance is unique and reminiscnet of trick or treating.


Cinnamon Spice Cookies Soy Jar Candle

You'll love the Cinnamon Spice Cookies scent for this Christmas season! This 100% Soy Wax Candle come with a beautiful label in this collectible 64 oz jar. Clean burning for 300 hours with two wicks. Similar scent to Winter Star Dust.


Winter Star Dust Jar Candle

Enjoy the rich vanilla & cinnamon spice of the Winter Star Dust Soy Candle. This blend is one of Herbal Star's original scents & now has a richer scent with a new cinnamon & vanilla. Glittering snow-spice glaze applied on the outside for a cozy holiday


Berry Jam 13 oz Milkhouse Farmhouse Jar Candle

Just like trip out to the farm, Berry Jam, is a blended scent of fresh air and ripe berries! Strawberries, freshly picked raspberries, & red currents are blended with a touch of vanilla for a tasty sweet treat after a long winter. 70 hrs. burn time.


Caramel Sweet Corn Soy Jar Candle

Caramel Sweet Corn from Herbal Star smells just like the name but not too sweet & has a great creamy caramel scent. 100% Soy candle in your favorite vintage mason jar with a wonderful farmhouse label. Burn time 110 hours.


Orange Marmalade Mini Pack of Tarts

The Orange Marmalade Tarts are a true stand out! Orange Marmalade is the scent of orange spice marmalade and creamy vanilla. (it is the same scent as Primitive Bird from previous years). 12-18 hours burn time depending on bulb brightness.


1803 Living Life Candle

The 1803 Living Life Candle celebrates living your life... taking a drive with the windows down or walking on a beach. The combination of sea salt, fresh breeze scent, sandalwood and natural greens evokes thoughts of life near the water.


Carrot Cake Mini Pack of Tarts

Just in time for Spring, the Carrot Cake Mini Pack of Tarts is sure to freshen up any room! Made by Herbal Star with a blend that smells like a spicy carrot cake with a lemon drizzle. Each mini square lasts approx. 12-18 hours, depending on bulb brightn

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