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1803 Farmhouse Candle

The 1803 Farmhouse Candle is a blend of the humblest & coziest of vanillas to create the perfect scent for a pastoral country farmhouse. Not too sweet, with rich undertones of brown sugar, a soy jar candle that will add the perfect greeting for visitors.


Autumn Day Butter Jar Candle - 16oz

A blend of berries, apple slices, nutmeg, spice, pepper, coconut and vanilla work together to create Autumn Day. This Fall fragrance is made from a paraffin free soy wax. In-stock and ready to ship. See below for more details.


Pumpkin Patch Mason Jar Candle - 13oz

A family day experiencing time together on a Fall day is captured in this scent, Pumpkin Patch. Hot pumpkin spice fragrance made from paraffin free soy wax. In-stock and ready to ship. See more details below.


Pumpkin & Maple Scones Jar Candle

The Pumpkin & Maple Scones Jar Candle lives up to it's name. The scents of Pumpkin and Maple will bring the Fall season to any space. Approx. 300 hrs of burn time comes with two wicks. In-stock & ready to ship. See more details below.


Autumn Splendor Soy Jar Candle

Imagine the blend of pumpkin, maple, caramel and orange and you've stepped into a delicious Fall scent. Autumn Splendor describes it! Made of soy wax with up to 95 hours of burn time. In-stock and ready to ship.


Pumpkin Maple Sconce Soy Jar Candle

The Pumpkin and Maple Scones scent is a celebration of Fall! As delicious as the name you'll love this 100% Soy Wax Candle. Each candle is sold in a vintage style Mason Jar with black lid. Clean burning with no smoke for 95 hours of burn time.


1803 Cornbread & Honey Candle

This Cornbread & Honey Jar Candle is inspired by fresh cornbread, just like at your grandma's. just like the scent as it cools on the counter and begs to be eaten with a your favorite honey butter. This scent will keep your mouth watering.


1803 Spirit Of Christmas Melters

Decking your home for the holidays with the 1803 Spirit Of Christmas Melters! Fresh cedar, balsam, and winterberry will bring a festive yummy scent. Soy wax melts are wonderful to add fragrance through your home.


Harvest, Pumpkin Pecan Cinnamon Soy Jar Candle

This yummy scent for Fall blends pumpkin, pecan and cinnamon to give you the scent of fresh baked rolls. Hand poured in Lancaster County, PA. Approximately 95 hours of burn time. In-stock and ready to ship.


Pumpkin Star Patch Soy Jar Candle

The BEST SELLING Pumpkin Star Patch scent is made of 100% Soy Wax! This blend of sweet and spicy pumpkin pie is sure to bring the feel of Fall to your space. It looks great in the old style Mason Jar & black lid. Burns clean for 95 hours.


1803 Spirit of Christmas Candle

The 1803 Spirit of Christmas Soy Candle brings the scent of fresh cedar and balsam garland draped over the mantle with fresh winterberry branches weaved through. Enjoy this soy candle before, during, and well after Christmas.


1803 Cookies For St. Nick Candle

The 1803 Cookies For St. Nick Candle reminds you of the excitement of preparing for St. Nick. The scent of snickerdoodle cookies made with sugary caramelized vanilla, warm spice, and country-churned butter; filling his belly before he disappears.

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