Our story is pretty simple!

I'm like so many of you... trying to create a home that is comfy and cozy and welcoming for my family and friends.  For many years I've shopped with my Mom, daughters, sisters and friends looking for “old-time touches, something unique, country, primitives, antiques ...you know, something I loved when I saw it!  Several years ago an unexpected career change came my way and I decided to follow my passion. 

Inspiration from an old family photo!

Our Story

The name of our store was inspired by a century old photo of my husband's great-grandparent's farmhouse from 1907.  Because they called his great-grandmother "Nanny" & our grandkids call me "Nana"... "Nana's Farmhouse" seemed appropriate.  With our grandkid's approval Nana's Farmhouse Primitives, LLC, was born in September, 2012.  

From a fixer upper, to a subdivision, to a condo we can help you!  

We've created a shop with lots of handmades, one-of-a-kind finds mixed with reproductions, metals with wood and of course the most beautiful country & vintage Christmas merchandise. We've been serving our customers for over 7 years and our products are in homes just like yours across the U. S. and several other countries! Our current storefront opened in August, 2014, with an expansion in late 2017.

We are blessed to have a very talented staff.  Each of them bring their own passion and talents and above all they are friendly people who want to help you.  

We thank you for supporting our family-owned business and the 3 dozen artisans & small businesses from across America that create the handmade items we carry.  

Come experience our old fashioned service with a smile!  Online or in-person we're here to help you create your cozy place today.

Be sure to email us with any questions!


(Copyrighted photo of old farmhouse at the top of the page was taken in 1907 in Vanduser, Scott County, Missouri.  It is a family photo of my husband's great grand-parent's home.  His great aunts and uncles are on the front porch. This photo was the inspiration for the name of our store. My husband's great-grandmother was affectionately called "Nanny".  She did her laundry by hand, gathered her water directly from a well and had a loom in her living room... she lived a simple life.  Because our grandkids call me "Nana" it seemed like the perfect name... Nana's Farmhouse.)