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North Church by Bonnie Fisher

The North Church Print is an amazing watercolor print from Bonnie Fisher. She realistically captures the moment you come upon this old church in the middle of the woods and the height of the steeple. Black/Walnut frame.


Telling The Bees Print by Bonnie White

Many years ago Bee keepers believed that their bees would fly away or die if they weren't told of important events like births, marriages & deaths. Telling The Bees print captures a young woman & her brother sharing a death in the family with the bees.


Peace On Earth Print by Bonnie White

The little town is ready for the annual Christmas Pageant. As the children hustle into their places under a sky of twinkling stars & a full moon. From primitive watercolor artist, Bonnie White. She captures Peace on Earth in this print.


Hillside Sugar Shack Print by Bonnie White

The maple trees are flowing as three generations collect and prepare the delicious, sweet, liquid. The winter scene is captured thru the watercolors of primitive artist, Bonnie White. Her vibrant colors bring the snowy landscape to life.


Safe Harbor Inn Print by Bonnie White

The Safe Harbor Inn is a safe place in this primitive print from artist Bonnie White. It captures the setting sun over the harbor as white caps form and the cold wind causes folks to find a place to shelter for the night. Black and Walnut frame.


Catch Me If You Can by Bonnie White

The Catch Me If You Can print is from Folk Artist Bonnie White. It captures the week after Christmas when many have received new skates. A young man chases after his girlfriend as a mouse taunts a cat to Catch Me if You Can .


Yellow Chair by Bonnie Fisher

Watercolor artist Bonnie Fisher brings her vision to this Sunflowers print. Beautiful, realistic, detailing bring this print alive as if it was on your back patio. Unique size makes this the perfect piece of art for your country home. Black/Walnut Fram


Sail Boat Barn By Bonnie Fisher

The timeless Sail Boat Barn is a watercolor print by artist Bonnie Fisher. The use of rich colors and shading make this scene so realistic. Beautiful art for a country or primitive home. Black/Walnut frame.


Spring Cleaning Print by Billy Jacobs

Billy Jacobs captures the memories of how laundry used to dried with this Spring Cleaning Print. Pick the size that best fits your home. Frames are made of poplar wood painted black and assembled. Simply beautiful work!


Green Manor Print by Terri Palmer

The Green Manor Print captures the home of the farm's earliest risers. Circa 1874 in this primitive art from artist Terri Palmer. She using acrylics and you'll love the rich colors of this country farmhouse art. Comes in black and walnut frame.


Welcome Back To School Print by Bonnie White

This watercolor print captures an exciting day with Welcome Back to School. From Primitive artist, Bonnie White, the rich colors and delightful details show the flag being raised while parents and children gather at the local schoolhouse.


Christmas Tree Hill by Bonnie White

Christmas Tree Hill celebrates the time just before the big day. Everyone is out and about searching for the perfect
tree. Near the front of this print you'll see a family admiring the tree they have just cut. Framed in a black/walnut frame.

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