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Wax Tarts

My Sweet Peeps Mini Pack of Tarts

My Sweet Peeps is a yummy vanilla custard cake scent is sure to bring a refreshing aroma to your home. Made with a heavier base of vanilla blends, it’s simply delicious and the label is too cute. Each mini square lasts approx. 12-18 hours.


Apple Crisp Christmas Mini Pack of Tarts

Apple Crisp Christmas Melts. The warmth of the apple crisp & the spices really enhance this fragrance. Burn time of 12-18 hours depending on bulb's brightness.


Orange Marmalade Mini Pack of Tarts

The Orange Marmalade Tarts are a true stand out! Orange Marmalade is the scent of orange spice marmalade and creamy vanilla. (it is the same scent as Primitive Bird from previous years). 12-18 hours burn time depending on bulb brightness.


Prancer's Pumpkin Bread Mini Tarts

Prancer’s Pumpkin Bread Melts offer the sweet & spicy pumpkin bread scents. Fans of the Pumpkin Star Patch scent will love this too. Burn time 12-18 hours depending on your bulb's brightness. This will be a Holiday favorite.