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Wax Tarts

Olde Holiday Glow Mini Pack of Tarts

The scents of Christmas will float thru your home with the Olde Holiday Glow melts! This is a perfect blend of winter spices, warm & cozy, sweet & spicy, along with the smell of pine! Cinnamon, Vanilla, Orange, Clove, & a touch of Pine blended!


Sunflower Citrus Mini Pack of Tarts

Get in a Fall kind of mood with the Sunflower Soy Melts. The blended scents of spicy apple and butter cake give your home a warm and cozy feel on a cool day. Burn time. of approximately 12-18 hours depending on your bulb brightness.


Vanilla Merry Mint Mini Pack of Tarts

Warm up your space for the Holidays with the Vanilla Merry Mint Tarts. Perfect for a relaxing day or as you host a gathering. A blend of vanilla & mint make this a refreshing scent. Burn time of 12-18 hours depending on your bulb.


Prancer's Pumpkin Bread Mini Tarts

Prancer’s Pumpkin Bread Melts offer the sweet & spicy pumpkin bread scents. Fans of the Pumpkin Star Patch scent will love this too. Burn time 12-18 hours depending on your bulb's brightness. This will be a Holiday favorite.


Fresh Cut Pine Mini Pack of Tarts

Fresh Pine & Bayberry, a new Herbal Star scent for Christmas! Fans of Pine Star Shine will love this too! 100% Soy Wax Melts! The will burn for 12-18 hours depending on the brightness of your bulb.