Products tagged with Scent

Baked Blueberry Buckle Soy Jar Candle

This new scent of creamy blueberry & spice is called Baked Blueberry Buckle. This delicious fragrance is made of natural soy & coconut wax. This candle is hand poured. Estimated burn time is 95 hours.


Peach Orchard Willow Candle 12 oz / 5" T

The fresh scent of Peaches awaits you just like a Spring day in an Orchard. Only the highest quality oils, each candle comes in a glass insert and with the willow basket design. Burn time of 45-50 hours.


Shoo Fly Pie Soy Jar Candle

Some call this The Molasses Crumb Pie fragrance but our Shoo Fly Pie scent is definitely not an old scent! We've blended a delicious baked goods scent for your home. 95 hours burn time. Poured with soy & coconut wax.


Spiced Apple Harvest Soy Jar Candle

The Spiced Apple Harvest scent is a wonderful fall apple with cinnamon spice, 100% soy poured into a 24 oz “Old Look” Mason Jar topped with a “vintage” tin lid! They burn clean with no smoke. Burn time of 110 hours.


Snickerdoodle Simon Cookie Soy Jar Candle

The Snickerdoodle Simon, is named after the cat on the label. The scent is made of a warm and spicy snickerdoodle cookie and a portion of all proceeds from this scent are donated to a cat rescue in Lancaster County, PA. Burn time approximately 95 hours.


Warm Vanilla Custard Soy Jar Candle

This yummy blend of vanilla is a perfect relaxing scent for your home this Spring! Just like a yummy vanilla custard cake. (Same scent as My Peeps!!!). Our 16 oz jars burn for at least 95 hours and are poured with Soy & Coconut Wax.


Home Sweet Home Jar Candle

The Home Sweet Home Jar Candle is a new blend of spiced vanilla & almond. This TOP SELLER is a 100% Soy. The candle will burn clean with no smoke for 95 hours. Made in the USA!


Barn Star Spice Soy Jar Candle

The Barn Star Spice scent is a seasonal favorite. Spicy apple butter cake makes a delicious soy fragrance that will freshen up any space. You'll love the rustic farmhouse label too! Approximately 95 hours of burn time.