Products tagged with Scent

Shoo Fly Pie Soy Jar Candle

Some call this The Molasses Crumb Pie fragrance but our Shoo Fly Pie scent is definitely not an old scent! We've blended a delicious baked goods scent for your home. 95 hours burn time. Poured with soy & coconut wax.


Winter Star Dust Soy Jar Candle

The Winter Star Dust candle is a rich vanilla & cinnamon spice. This is a very unique and original blend with a new cinnamon & vanilla. A glitter snow-spice glaze has been applied on the outside for a cozy holiday glow. Burn time 110 hours.


Barn Star Spice Soy Jar Candle

The Barn Star Spice scent is a seasonal favorite. Spicy apple butter cake makes a delicious soy fragrance that will freshen up any space. You'll love the rustic farmhouse label too! Approximately 95 hours of burn time.


Baked Blueberry Buckle Soy Jar Candle

This new scent of creamy blueberry & spice is called Baked Blueberry Buckle. This delicious fragrance is made of natural soy & coconut wax. This candle is hand poured. Estimated burn time is 95 hours.


Lemon Daisy Soy Jar Candle

Enjoy a scent that is like freshly baked lemon biscotti! Some smell like imitation lemon but not our Lemon Daisy blend. It's more like baked lemon cookies! Hand poured in the USA. Clean burning soy and up to 95 hrs. burn time.


Carrot Cake Soy Jar Candle

The scent of a favorite candle can change the feel of room! Wait til you smell the yummy lemon, just like a creamy lemon icing on a warm baked spicy carrot cake. Clean burning and long burning for up to 95 hours of burn time.


Sweet Orange Cedar Tindle Scents

Bring a tin full of fragrance without the candle! The Sweet Orange Cedar scent is perfect for any room that's not safe to light a candle. Includes a 7 inch metal pan, approximately 2 cups of coordinating potpourri and 2oz of this fragrance.