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Barn Star Spice Room Spray

Sure to become one of your favorites the Barn Star Spice fragrance is a spicy apple butter cakel! The name comes from the label with the barn star, wreath, sunflowers and flag. It is skin safe & can be used as a body spray.


Snickerdoodle Tindle Scents

The Snickerdoodle Tindle Scents is a tin full of fragrance without the candle. Perfect for any room where it's not safe to light a candle. Includes 7 inch metal pan, approx. 2 cups of coordinating potpourri & 2 oz of room fragrance. Made in USA.


Lemon Daisy Room Spray

The Lemon Daisy Room Spray is a scent of freshly baked lemon biscotti. You won't find this to be a pledgy lemon, but baked lemon cookies. Made in USA!