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Harvest Jute Braided Rug

The Harvest Jute Braided Rug brings the colors of Autumn together. Golden wheat & honey beiges are accented with russet & dark greens to bring your home a beautiful floor covering. Pick the room in your home and then pick the rug size.


Gingerbread Jute Braided Rug

The Gingerbread Jute Braided Rug brings the colors of brown and deep red into your home. This colorful rug adds a beautiful anchor to any room in your home. Jute braids are budget-friendly, strong, and naturally water-resistant.


Kilimanjaro Jute Braided Rug

The Killimanjaro Jute Braided Rug makes a statement in any room of your home. This blend of brown, creme & tan gives any room an anchor and a beautiful palette. Perfect in your living room, kitchen or bedroom.


Denim Jute Braided Rug

Bring the vibrant Denim Blue Jute Braided Rug in to your home. This beautiful rug is sure to anchor any space. The natural fibers of this rug is soft, durable and affordable. Pick your favorite size and refresh a room today.


Cider Barn Jute Braided Rug

The rich colors of the Cider Barn Jute Braided Rug makes this a beautiful addition to any room. This floor covering blends rich shades of green & soft tans for a timeless design you're sure to love. Pick the size you need.


Azalea Jute Braided Rug

The Azalea Jute Braide multi-colored rug is inspired by the azalea blossoms of the south. This rug blends, reds & beiges specked with blue to bring Savannah, Georgia, to mind. This floor covering is beautiful in a living room, bedroom or kitchen.


Kingston Jute Braided TableTop Accessories

The stunning Kingston Jute Braided TableTop Accessories bring shades of black, brown & cream, along with hues of red, green & mustard. A beautiful blend for your home! Available in Oval & Rectangle, most are in-stock & ready to ship.


Denim Jute Braided Tabletop Accessories

The versatile Denim Jute Braided Collection works with many color combinations. With subtle variation of denim blue shades from rinsed denim to stone washed and faded denims it gives a casual feel to any home. Jute is an affordable option.


Prescott Jute Braided Rug

The Prescott Jute Braided Rug is a blend of burgundy and black. This timeless rug will be a great addition to any room in your country home. Available in rectangle or oval in many sizes.


Russett Jute Braided TableTop Accessories

The Russett Jute Braided TableTop Accessories have a golden cream background for this unique pairing of black & russet. Shades of black & golden are also included. Oval & Rectangle available. Each is in-stock & ready to ship.


Kingston Jute Braided Rug

Add the colorful Kingston Jute Braided Rug to your home. Blending red & beige set the background for black accents in this beautiful floor covering. This rug is soft, durable & affordable.


Russett Jute Braided Rug

The Russett Jute Braided Rug is made of golden wheat & honey beiges, accented with russet and dark greens. This floor covering is soft, durable and affordable. Choose your room and then pick your size.