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Red Coverlet Primitive Santa - 31"

This unique, rustic & primitive, Santa is a beautiful creation. With his red coverlet coat you'll love his rich colors. He's holding a pantry box and lantern. Handmade in the USA! In-stock and ready to ship!


Primitive Handmade Uncle Sam - 14"

One-of-kind, handmade, Primitive Uncle Sam by C. Yenke. Craig has outdone himself with this Americana Uncle Sam made especially for our store. Fine detailing makes this an heirloom find!


Primitive Santa Holding Doll House - 31"

This Rustic Primitive Santa is an heirloom piece for your collection! Created with great attention to detail. Dressed in red coverlet coat. Holding old time doll house. Handmade in USA! In-stock and ready to ship!


Black Cat with Arched Back Figurine - 5"

This Black Cat figurine is an adorable decoration for Halloween or for cat lovers! The arched back is such a unique detail. Completely handmade in the USA. In-stock and ready to ship.


Folkart Patriotic Bald Eagle - 10.5"

C. Yenke Collectors will love this paper-mache Bald Eagle figurine. Every step is handmade in the USA with no molds. Craig has truly perfected his craft. In-stock and ready to ship. See below for more details.


Primitive Mrs. Lady Bug Doll in Plaid Dress with Sunflower - 33" T

You've found one-of-a-kind Handmade Folk Art! This Lady Bug Doll is created with love in New Jersey, USA. When artist creates this piece he only makes a few. In-stock and ready to ship!


Penguin with Blue Striped Hat - 7"

You'll fall in love with the super cute Penguin from C. Yenke Art. This figurine is made of Paper Mache in a 20 step process by hand. Created without any molds so each is unique in the artists eye. Great attention to detail. Made in the USA.


Penguin in Red Plaid Hat - 7"

With his red plaid hat and dark gray scarf this Penguin is too cute! Created in the studio of C. Yenke Art. Made in a 20 step process using Paper Mache. No molds used just great attention to detail. Made in the USA.


Primitive Handmade Abe Lincoln 14"

The Primitive Handmade Abe Lincoln was specifically made for our shop. This is a beautiful handmade that isn't sitting on a shelf with hundreds of others. Each is one-of-a-kind and fits beautifully with any Americana decor.


Cardinal Handmade Figurine - 7"

This Cardinal handmade figurine looks so realistic that he appears to have just landed in your garden. Handmade in the USA with paper-mache and other reusable materials. In-stock and ready to ship.


Primitive Handmade Bee Skep

Another design from Krisnick is the Handmade Bee Skep. Rich coloring. Features two bees. Handmade in the USA. Each piece is a combination of clay, plaster and paper pulp. In-stock and ready to ship. See more details below.


Mrs. Lady Bug Doll in Quilt Dress with Sunflower - 31" T

The colorful Lady Bug doll is a one-of-a-kind type piece of folk art. The artist makes very few of each piece and no two are alike. In-stock and ready to ship.

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