Products tagged with Flowers

Orange Tulip Single Stem - 14"

Add the color of the Primitive Orange Tulip to your Spring home decor. Real looking greenery! In-stock and ready to ship.


Primitive Plum Tulip Pot

Plum is so beautiful and for Spring we have 3 tulips "grunged" & a waxed faux pot for your space . Each also has light spice scent. Make a statement in your primitive home or give as a gift idea. In-stock and ready to ship.


Primitive Floral Pot Dark Pink Straw Flowers - 10" T

Add a touch of realism indoors with these Dark Pink Straw Flowers in a Pot. Perfect in any indoor space or on a covered patio. In-stock and ready to ship.


Primitive Patriotic Red Floral Pot - 11" T

The perfect touch for Summer to show your Patriotism! Flowers come in a pot with the Americana decorated card. In-stock and ready top ship!


Primitive Floral Pot Light Pink Straw Flowers

Add this unique color of straw flowers to your country home. A nice small accent for a table or island. In-stock and ready to ship.