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Products tagged with Candle Holder

Mason Jar Pillar Holder Galvanized

Bring the farmhouse touch of the Mason Jar Pillar Holder to your country home. A blend of metal with the galvanized lid & holder, along with the glass from the jar. Lid is removable. Jar can be filled with items of your choice.


Milkhouse Metal Milk Bottle Candle Holder

Another timeless display piece for your Milk Bottle Candles! This metal candle holder is made in the USA and brilliantly holds 2 Milkbottle Candles (not included). Perfect in your country home or as a great gift idea.


Industrial Candle Holder

The Industrial Candle Holder is a utilitarian piece that is perfect with greenery and berries stuffed in the spokes. This wonderful candle holder is easily decorated for any season.