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Barcelona Ultra Durable Braided Rugs

This rug beautifully captures the glory and splendor of Barcelona! The dominant colors are strawberry and cream with a speckle of white, light yellow and green. It is available in oval and rectangular shapes.


Black Mist Ultra Durable Braided Rugs

In this rug is a dramatic display of black and cream colors, softened with shades of brown, beige and mustard yellow. Our Ultra Durable Rugs are stain resistant, be it a stain from liquids, pets or food! They also absorb liquids from most modest spills.


Montgomery Ultra Durable Braided Rugs

Bold and inviting colors such as black, rust and blue define this rug, softened a little with white. Our Ultra Durable rugs last long without showing wear and tear as well as wick water, are stain resistant, mold & mildew resistant & washable.