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Primitive Candles


Lit candles immediately change the atmosphere of a room. The Primitive candles can fill your space with aromatic smells as they brighten a space. But, do you know that there are many other benefits that a burning candle can do for your home?


Uplift Your Mood  

Many people feel happier simply by looking at primitive candles. However, these amazing candles can uplift the mood in other ways too. Aromatic primitive candles, in particular, can impact the mind and body. Studies have revealed that individuals who suffer from depression experience improved mood and even reduce their medicine intake after lighting lemon-scented candles. Also, other scents of primitive candles, rosemary, for instance, are well known for uplifting your mood.


Help You Focus  

You may find yourself getting distracted by a flickering candle flame. But primitive candles actually help stimulate the mind, allowing people to focus better. Certain scents of primitive candles can invigorate the senses and increase concentration. With this, you knuckle down and finish your tasks instead of watching the day go by doing nothing.


Reduce Stress and Anxiety  

Life both at work and at home can sometimes be quite overwhelming. It is nice to rest in your own space, light some primitive candles, and give time for self-care. For lots of people, lighting primitive candles is one of the best ways to settle down for the day and de-stress. By doing this, you can focus on something that is not chores or work. Moreover, certain scents of primitive candles such as frankincense and lavender have the qualities to help minimize anxiety, helping you feel more in-tune with your mind and body.


Help Remember Good Memories  

There may be a reason why you want to use specific primitive candles and lie down on the couch when you are feeling blue and want to remember a good time. Certain scents of primitive candles can trigger emotions and memories, giving a feeling of happiness as it relates to a particular moment in your life.


According to the experts, there are many behavioral studies indicating that smells can trigger vivid emotional memories and lift your mood instantly when you are feeling down. Therefore, when you are experiencing grief, sadness, or a rough day, lighting primitive candles that remind you of good times can help you feel better. As your mood improves, you tend not to focus on the details and feelings of what you are going through as much.

Find a wide selection of primitive candles at Nana’s Farmhouse. Make sure that you light those candles safely and keep them out of reach!

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