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Jar Candles

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1803 Family Everything Candle

1803 Family Everything Candle brings aromatic cardamom spice with woody vanilla swirled together with a small amount of musk creates this scent. You'll love this sweet aroma in any room in your home as you welcome family.


1803 Farmhouse Candle

The 1803 Farmhouse Candle is a blend of the humblest & coziest of vanillas to create the perfect scent for a pastoral country farmhouse. Not too sweet, with rich undertones of brown sugar, a soy jar candle that will add the perfect greeting for visitors.


1803 Friendship Candle

The 1803 Friendship Candle is the aroma of hand blended dough & fragrant, familiar cinnamon that always brings about heart-warming memories. Freshly ground cinnamon sticks with a sweet dough background will tug at your heartstrings & invoke simpler times.


1803 Lavender Lemongrass Candle

The 1803 Lavender Lemongrass Candle is a refreshing scent & a highly requested one. It has just the right combination of lavender and lemongrass to bring you a brisk, uplifting scent is the right choice any time your spirit needs a stimulating boost!


1803 Lemon Drop Cookie Candle

The Lemon Drop Cookie Soy Jar Candle is just like a tangy, vanilla, buttery sugar cookie! Lots of lemony goodness! Just enough tang, with a fresh, restorative lemon zest scent, Lemon Drop Cookie will be your favorite home-made treat in a jar!.


1803 Perfect Morning Candle

The 1803 Perfect Morning Candle is the aroma of freshly brewed coffee with cream & infused with caramel & pumpkin when walking into your favorite coffee shop. When lit at night, try pairing this candle with a dessert tasting or as an after dinner essence.


Sweet Tea Willow Candle

No wonder this is a best seller! Imagine the scents of freshly squeezed lemons and mandarin oranges blended with seeping green accords & sugar dusted sunflower petals. The Sweet Tea fragrance is just like fresh brewed tea. 12oz, 45-50 hrs. burn time.


Mulled Cider 16oz Butter Jar

Milkhouse Candles 16oz Mulled Cider Butter Jar Candle brings the scent of hot apple cider steeped in the traditional mulling spices of cinnamon, allspice, clove, and orange zest. 60 hours of burn time. Soy wax infused with beeswax - 100% paraffin-free.


Pure Vanilla 16 oz. Butter Jar

The Pure Vanilla Milkhouse Butter Jar Candle is a fresh Madagascar vanilla bean! 60 hours of burn time. Double Wicks to fill your home with fragrance. Made in the USA. Soy wax infused with beeswax - 100% paraffin-free.


Sticky Buns 16oz Milkhouse

The aroma of Grandma's freshly baked rolls will come back with the Milkhouse Sticky Buns Candle! The scent of warm cinnamon rolls, gooey, sticky and so fragrant! 50 hours of burn time. Soy wax infused with beeswax - 100% paraffin-free.


Cup O' Joe 13oz Milkhouse Farmhouse Jar Candle

From the Milkhouse Farmhouse Collection is the scent of your favorite cafe, the Cup O' Joe Mason Jar Candle. Experience the robust coffee accompanied by notes of vanilla, cinnamon, & hazelnut. 70 hours of burn time. YUMMM!

70+ hours of burn time


Roasted Pumpkin Seeds 16oz Milkhouse

The scent of Autumn floats thru the air with the Milkhouse Roasted Pumpkin Seeds candle. The aroma of fire roasted pumpkin seeds dusted with a hint of sugar & cinnamon. A perfect candle for your farmhouse style! 50 hours of burn time.

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