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16 oz. Butter jar

Victorian Christmas 16oz Butter Jar

The Victorian Christmas scent from Milkhouse Candles is the fresh cut pine boughs from the deep woods mingling with rich spice. A nostalgic, sophisticated fragrance. Double Wicks to fill your home with fragrance. 60 hours burn!


Welcome Home 16oz Butter Jar

The Milkhouse Candles 16oz. Welcome Home Jar Candle reminds you of warm hearth fires and fresh baked goodies from the oven, sweet, spicy, fruity and delicious.


White Sage & Bergamot 16oz Butter Jar

The White Sage & Bergamot scent brings a fresh and clean scent to any space. The blend of citrus-splashed herbs and cashmere. A great start to a Spring day. 60 hours of burn time.