Herbal Star Candles

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Winter Star Dust Soy Jar Candle

The Winter Star Dust candle is a rich vanilla & cinnamon spice. This is a very unique and original blend with a new cinnamon & vanilla. A glitter snow-spice glaze has been applied on the outside for a cozy holiday glow. Burn time 110 hours.


Pumpkin Star Patch Soy Jar Candle

The BEST SELLING Pumpkin Star Patch scent is made of 100% Soy Wax! This blend of sweet and spicy pumpkin pie is sure to bring the feel of Fall to your space. It looks great in the old style Mason Jar & black lid. Burns clean for 95 hours.


Orange Clove & Spice Liquid Hand Soap

The Orange Clove & Spices (also formerly known as Angel Star Light) Liquid Hand Soap is a blend of orange cloves & spice. You will love this delicious scent. The oils used are natural & skin safe. Made in USA.


Pumpkin Star Patch Mini Pack of Tarts

Enjoy one of our top selling scents with sweet and spicy pumpkin pie. The Pumpkin Star Patch tarts bring your room the scent that is sure to set the mood. Last 12-18 hours depending on the brightness of your bulb.


Pumpkin Maple Sconce Soy Jar Candle

The Pumpkin and Maple Scones scent is a celebration of Fall! As delicious as the name you'll love this 100% Soy Wax Candle. Each candle is sold in a vintage style Mason Jar with black lid. Clean burning with no smoke for 95 hours of burn time.


Home-made Gingerbread Red Barn Jar Candle

The scents of your favorite kitchen during the Holiday is captured in this Home-Made Gingerbread Soy Jar Candle. From the new line of 100% Soy Wax Candles poured into a 24 oz “Old Look” Mason Jar topped with a “vintage” tin lid!


Orange Clove & Spice Organic Lotion

The Orange Clove & Spices (also formerly known as Angel Star Light) Organic Lotion is a blend of orange clove & spices. The oils used are natural and skin safe. Made in USA.


Autumn Splendor Mini Pack of Tarts

The blend of pumpkin, maple, caramel and orange when added with a good dose of spice creates the seasonal favorite of Autumn Splendor. A sweet and spicy scents scent created for your home as the days get shorter and trees turn rich colors.


Old Santa Cinnamon Soy Jar Candle

Every day is a good day for cinnamon but especially at Christmas! In the Old Santa scented soy mason jar candle you'll find a delicious blend of spicy cinnamon. Along with a seasonal label with the traditional santa this is sure to become a favorite.


Snickerdoodle Simon Cookie Soy Jar Candle

The Snickerdoodle Simon, is named after the cat on the label. The scent is made of a warm and spicy snickerdoodle cookie and a portion of all proceeds from this scent are donated to a cat rescue in Lancaster County, PA. Burn time approximately 95 hours.


Warm Vanilla Custard Soy Jar Candle

This yummy blend of vanilla is a perfect relaxing scent for your home this Spring! Just like a yummy vanilla custard cake. (Same scent as My Peeps!!!). Our 16 oz jars burn for at least 95 hours and are poured with Soy & Coconut Wax.


Spiced Apple Harvest Soy Jar Candle

The Spiced Apple Harvest scent is a wonderful fall apple with cinnamon spice, 100% soy poured into a 24 oz “Old Look” Mason Jar topped with a “vintage” tin lid! They burn clean with no smoke. Burn time of 110 hours.

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