Are you planning to remodel your house or redecorate a room? Primitive curtains are a popular choice to enliven a space. How you decide to dress up your windows is really up to your personal preference, and there is a lot to consider when choosing primitive curtains.


Pick the Best Color and Pattern  

The biggest decision when it comes to getting new primitive curtains is selecting what color and pattern would be suitable for the room in your home. Consider what is happening in the room. What are the colors of the wall and flooring? What are the other patterns in the pillows, bedding, and couch? What feeling do you want to convey with your primitive curtains? Looking at all these details can help you narrow down the best primitive curtains for your space.


Determine the Window Size  

There are many different sizes of primitive curtains. The only way to know the size of your windows is to measure them. How many windows are there in your house and do they come in the same size? If not, take measurements and write them down, so it will be easy when it is time to buy your primitive curtains. /span>


What Style Are You Looking For?

What style of primitive curtains do you prefer? Do you want to cover the trim on the window? Typically, the size of your windows is a crucial factor in choosing the curtain style for them. There is a variety of primitive curtains available, including swags, tiers, valances, prairie, and panels. So, if you have a short window of about 36” in height, you may hang a valance, tiers, or swags.

However, it is also possible to install long primitive curtains on your small windows. This works well if there is another bigger window in the same room. The panel curtains over the small window will coordinate well with the larger window. Also, it helps create the illusion of making those small windows taller in a small area. However, it all depends on what look you want to achieve.


Get the Right Amount of Fullness  

Another major concern that you will face when shopping for primitive curtains is deciding how many you need to get your ideal fullness. The experts suggest that you choose about 2 times the width of your window, but a lot of homeowners want more fullness from their primitive curtains. To achieve a fuller look, use an additional set of panel curtains or valances.


What About the Curtain Rod?  

When shopping for primitive curtains, the hardware you use is another factor to consider. How thick do you prefer for the rod? Many curtains have about 3 ¼ rod pockets, but it does not always mean that you need a large rod for it. You may use small tension rods or wide flat rods for your primitive curtains, as each size will work great. Take into account your personal preference when choosing the hardware for your curtains.


It is easy to accessorize any room in your home with the primitive curtains of your choice, or change them seasonally to create an entirely new look in your space. Nana’s Farmhouse has an abundance of options to choose from, including collections with matching or complementary-style bedding and pillows.