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Primitive Candle Holders


Knowing what to look for is essential when buying candles, but this also applies when it comes to the vessels that hold them. For those who favor a primitive style, primitive candle holders are both useful and decorative accessories. For lots of people, it is the style and shape of the primitive candle holders that catch their attention. At Nana’s Farmhouse, we stock a wide selection so everyone can find primitive candle holders that fit their tastes and preferences.


Candle Holders Come in Various Colors and Shapes  

One of the uses of primitive candle holders is to provide candles with the right support. Back in the day when candles were used for lighting, a fire was a massive catastrophe. Over time, people start to place candles in beautiful and unique holders, providing more light safely and quickly. Primitive candle holders help to prevent the risk of fire by providing a secure place for a candle to burn. They keep candles steady and stop careless hands from reaching them.


Keep Candles in Mind  

When shopping for primitive candle holders, make sure to take into consideration the type of candles you are using. For example, big candles, candles that tend to drip easily, and those that burn fast would be suitable in large glass primitive candle holders as they contain the candles. On the other hand, spindly candle holders work well for drip-free taper candles.


The Right Fit Is Crucial  

You may be surprised that the tea lights in your house look out of place and too small inside a votive you have randomly picked. Those taper candles you own should not be unstable inside a candlestick. Make sure your specific candles fit into the primitive candle holders you choose. Consider purchasing your candles at the same place as your primitive candle holders because they likely have the primitive candle holders made specifically for the candles they sell.


Height of the Holder and Candle  

The height of the primitive candle holders you choose should be proportional to the height of your candles. For example, a slender candle holder is ideal for a slender candle, while a short holder works well with a stumpier candle.


Be Aware Where the Candle Burns  

See how the candle burns in the primitive candle holders. Candles that are snugly fitted and are flush with the edges or rim of a glass or metal candleholder tend to burn faster. It is best to choose those primitive candle holders in which the candles burn below the opening edges.


More Tips  

Primitive candle holders must be able to hold the candles securely. The size of the candleholder should not be too big or too small and complement the interior rather than overpowering the space. Opt for primitive candle holders that can match your current home décor. When it comes to color, coordinate it with your wall paint color or other home accessories. For example, if you have a simple interior, then go for colorful Primitive candle holders tend to be the focal point of a room.


Nana’s Farmhouse is your source for a wide selection of primitive candle holders. If we can ever be of assistance to help you in picking the perfect primitive candle holders, call us, send a message or stop by the store!

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