Candle Accessories

Bless This Home Pluggable Fragrance Warmer

You'll love the Bless This House Fragrance Warmer. Find your favorite melts or tarts, plug it in and enjoy. Brings delicious scents to any room. In-stock and ready to ship!


Live, Laugh, Love Pluggable Fragrance Warmer

Bring a fresh scent to any space with the Live, Laugh, Love Fragrance Warmer. Enjoy our favorite fragrance by plugging it in. Beautiful design and easy use. In-stock and ready to ship. In-stock and ready to ship.


Iron Scroll Pillar Holder - Medium

The Iron Scroll Pillar Holder is great way to display your favorite candle. The medium 7 inch version in black metal is versatile. Pictured with battery-operated Red Pillar candle sold separately. Holder in-stock, ready to ship.


Iron Scroll Pillar Holder - Large

Give your pillar candle a lift with the style of the Iron Scroll Pillar Holder. The large 10 inch version in black metal goes with many different styles. Pictured with battery-operated White Pillar candle sold separately. Holder in-stock, ready to ship


Candle Warmer with Country Star in Rustic Tin (In Store)

For the person who hesitates to burn a candle, we have the answer! The bulb in our Candle Warmer melts the candle, in just a few hours, as it sits in our unique metal rack giving a scent without any open flame. Use our candle warmer refills or melt regula


Fia Flame LED White Flame Candle

NEW! See our video below! LED White Flame Candle is perfect for a lantern on a deck or in a Candle Sleeve on your favorite shelf! 6 hour timer. Charged with USB. USB Charging cable included.


Fia Flame LED Orange Flame Candle

NEW! See our video below! Solves the problem of needing electricity for your Candle Sleeves! The Candle Sleeve LED Orange Flame light replaces the electrical base. Perfect for a bookcase! 6 hour timer. USB Charging cable included.


Pineapple Mini Wax Warmer In Country Tin

Bring the traditional Pineapple design of this Mini Wax Warmer to your country home. In a Country Tin finish enjoy the glow and Pineapple pattern while your favorite scent floats thru the room. Bulb included. Handcrafted in Pennsylvania.


Bless This Home Cream Warmer

The Cream Bless This Home Warmer is designed to warm scented oils and wax creating the glow and ambiance of a burning candle while releasing the fragrance. Each style brings a relaxing mood to the room and elegance to any home décor.


Large Glass Bell Cloche - 12"

The Glass Bell Cloche adds a classic touch. Can be used to protect from breakable item, to put over a candle or for a fresh baked item. This large version is 12" H x 9".

Item #: 20-443
Brand: Park Designs
Category: Cake Stands
Color: Clear