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Candle Accessories

Punched Stars Pint Mason Jar Wax Warmer

Bring the romantic glow and the scent of your favorite scent with the Punched Stars Pint Mason Jar Wax Warmer to any room in your country home. Perfect on your favorite shelf or table.


Candle Warmer with Country Star in Rustic Tin (In Store)

For the person who hesitates to burn a candle, we have the answer! The bulb in our Candle Warmer melts the candle, in just a few hours, as it sits in our unique metal rack giving a scent without any open flame. Use our candle warmer refills or melt regula


Edmonton Candle Lantern

ARRIVING SOON! Burn your candles safely with the Edmonton Candle Lantern. Pictured here with a 3" candle (not included). This timeless touch will be a great addition to any room. Includes the glass chimney.


Black Lantern Crane

The Colonial Black Lantern Crane is perfect for hanging any lantern. Stunning black over red finish is beautiful. Coordinates with our Black Swing Lantern. Made of poplar wood in the USA. From the workshop of Kenneth James.