Candle Accessories

Single Star Sconce

The Single Star Sconce is hand forged from natural iron with a hand-rubbed finish. A timeless lighting option for any room. For use with traditional or battery operated tapers (sold separately). Black iron, measures 15.5".


Mason Jar Punched Stars Pint Wax Warmer

Bring the romantic glow and the scent of your favorite scent with the Punched Stars Pint Mason Jar Wax Warmer to any room in your country home. Perfect on your favorite shelf or table.


Mini Tartwarmer with Country Star in Country Tin

Simply put a wax scent cup in the top and in a few minutes the bulb will melt it producing a wonderful scent while creating a soft accent light. Perfect in kitchens, bedrooms, powder rooms, and almost any room in your home!

Now find the candle to go


Punched Tin Jumbo Wax Warmer

Blend your scents with the Jumbo Wax Warmer! This larger sized Tartwarmer can hold up to three wax scents at once! Make your favorite scents into one! YUMMM! Country Tin finish. Bulb included. Handcrafted in Pennsylvania, USA.


Country Star Rustic Punched Tin Candle Warmer

The rustic Country Star Punched Tin Candle Warmer brings a warm glow and peace of mind. No worries about an open flame. Plus you get the added benefit of a lovely nightlight that casts patterns of light on nearby walls! Made in Pennsylvania, USA.


Candle Warmer with Country Star in Rustic Tin (In Store)

For the person who hesitates to burn a candle, we have the answer! The bulb in our Candle Warmer melts the candle, in just a few hours, as it sits in our unique metal rack giving a scent without any open flame. Use our candle warmer refills or melt regula


Edmonton Candle Lantern

ARRIVING SOON! Burn your candles safely with the Edmonton Candle Lantern. Pictured here with a 3" candle (not included). This timeless touch will be a great addition to any room. Includes the glass chimney.


LED White Flame Candle

NEW! See our video below! LED White Flame Candle is perfect for a lantern on a deck or in a Candle Sleeve on your favorite shelf! 6 hour timer. Charged with USB. USB Charging cable included.


LED Orange Flame Candle

NEW! See our video below! Solves the problem of needing electricity for your Candle Sleeves! The Candle Sleeve LED Orange Flame light replaces the electrical base. Perfect for a bookcase! 6 hour timer. USB Charging cable included.