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Candle Sleeves



Fall in love with the glow, beauty & simplicity of a Candle Sleeve!  Made from hand-poured wax these timeless creations will bring light to any room in country home.

A Candle Sleeve makes a thoughtful gift during Covid-19, or at any time of the year, for a loved one when safety can be a concern.  Many times traditional candles are a hazard in a high traffic area of your primitive home or around the young and the elderly.  This product is a solution because it uses a lighted bulb and not a flame, perfect for anyone's country farmhouse decor.

When you pick from our variety of lighted bases you'll be able to change the wax sleeve at any time you want with the designs you choose.


Candle Sleeves are safe and cost effective!

Perfect as a gift or just for peace of mind! 

The Candle Sleeve base has an electric light.  No more worrying about putting out the flame before you leave home or fall asleep.

Candles Sleeves last much longer because there is no flame!  Because of that you don't have replace them and can use them from year to year, season too season.



There is a Candle Sleeve for EVERY season!

Designs change throughout the year so once you've picked your lighted base you can "exchange" a sleeve on your base and in a moment create a whole new look.

Of course there are the seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall/Autumn and Christmas but sleeves are also made for everyday, weddings, anniversaries and for remembering a loved one that has passed.

Let us know if you have any questions about Candle Sleeves.  We're happy to help!


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