Billy Jacobs Prints is one of the most popular and sold-out framed prints nowadays. Pinterest lists 415 Best Billy Jacobs Picture Images of 2020. Amazons contain the top 14 of the 435 Billy Jacobs Framed Pictures that it sells online, all rated 5-Star. eBay and all the other art websites have long lists of Billy Jacobs Prints they are selling.

What makes Billy Jacobs Prints sell that much across the world? The simple answer is- its stark simplicity and the simplicity of its message.


Billy Jacobs’ paintings depict old simple American country life, mostly rustic old American houses laid in countryside landscape. Nothing else. Unlike other painters and artists, Billy Jacobs focused on the same subject in almost all of his paintings and presented it in the same rustic mood. Some call it redundancy, but thousands appreciate its constancy both in medium and message.


In his paintings' simplicity, Billy Jacobs effectively depicts life's stillness in the countryside, exuding feelings of calmness and tranquility that rarely come in today's highly complex modern American life.

Using images of a country house, he effectively depicts that home regardless of how humble awaits those who seek respite. It triggers memories from childhood and the longing to experience it in today’s existence.

In using images of country landscapes, Billy Jacobs effectively depicts the peace and serenity in simple existence contrary to the chaotic and problematic life of the city.


The thousands of patrons and buyers of Billy Jacobs Prints must have wanted a capture of the serene life they want for themselves. Having it on their walls must have served both a reminder of home they long for and an assurance that there is more to life than the rush of today’s hustle and bustle.

Unlike most painters and artists who kept their artworks in abeyance of increased market value and were selective on whom to sell their paintings, Billy Jacobs did not realize the importance of his artworks early on. He generously sold it at a reasonable price to whoever appreciated his art. And unlike most artists who apply stringent laws to discourage the reproduction of their work, he has been so generous in sharing his art, allowing its reproduction in various forms. Hence, it is not surprising that his artworks spread across the globe in Billy Jacobs Prints form, appreciated by many, and showcased in thousands of homes.


About Billy Jacobs  

Billy Jacobs is a wood craftsman turned painter who considers himself a country-folk artist. He designed and created thousands of woodcrafts and other artworks. He shifted his focus from woodcraft to painting in the early 1980 and continued to refine his painting style and shifted from acrylics to watercolors in early 2000. His distinctly rustic and country designs made him one of the most sought after artists. His artworks are priced very high in the art market nowadays.

Billy Jacobs took inspiration from his grandmother’s country house in most of his paintings. You could see his work in almost all product lines, from printed pictures and fabric to decors and gift items to furniture and furnishings. Authentic and original Billy Jacobs' artworks still in his possession are being showcased and priced for art lovers in his art gallery and gift shop in Navarre, Ohio.


From being a factory worker, Billy Jacobs shifted his career to the arts and country gift industry in the early 1980s. He is a long time resident of a small village in Navarre, Ohio. His gallery is in an the 1800’s Post Office, just down the street from where Ulysses S. Grant and William McKinley used to spend time. He converted it into his art gallery and opened it to the public to view and sell.

Billy Jacobs spends most of his time in his gallery and art shop, especially that his residence is nearby. He worked in his gallery, where his friends from way back would visit him. He spent time entertaining art enthusiasts who purposely travel to Navarre to meet him personally.


Nana’s Farmhouse  

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