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Pillow Mustard Plaid with Bee Applique - 11" x 10"

If you're looking for and value handmade you will appreciate the time and love this Bee Pillow took to make! Made in the USA. In-stock and ready to ship!


Small Wool Pillow Plaid with Crow & Floral Applique

Rich colors, great design, of this Crow and Floral Wool Pillow. This small pillow is handmade in the USA. In-stock and ready to ship.


Baby Goat Flour Sack Medium Pillow - 1 4"

Baby goats are so stinkin' cute, why not put them on a pillow? Beautifully handcrafted in rural Pennsylvania, this adorable flour sack pillow combines photography, printmaking, & textiles to create a perfect addition to your farmhouse décor. In stock.


Lavender Flour Sack Medium Pillow - 14"

A beautiful addition to any room in your home, this lovely lavender flour sack pillow endorses the "life is better local" theme. Handcrafted in rural PA, the makers use photography, printmaking & textiles to create a truly artistic throw pillow. In stock


Mini Wool Pillow with Crow & Sunflower Applique

This small pillow is so adorable with the sunflower and crow! Handmade with wool in the USA. In-stock and ready to ship.


Wool Pillow with Flower & Bunny Applique

Adorable bunny looking at a flower sets the tone for this wool pillow. Perfect in your favorite chair or on a bed. Handmade in the USA! In-stock and ready to ship!


Floral Basket Wool Pillow Black with Appliqué

Beautiful pillow for your country home. Handmade in the USA. Made of wool. In-stock and ready to ship.


Wool Pillow Rabbit Applique

Adorable bunny hopping along under a flower makes a great design for this primitive throw pillow. Completely handmade. Hours of love created each stitch! In-stock and ready to ship.


Wool Pillow Tan with Floral Basket & Crow Applique

Rich colors and beautiful design of this Wool Pillow make this a great accent in your country home. Handmade in the USA. You'll love all the attention poured into this pillow with the Floral Basket and Crow. In-stock and ready to ship.


Birds On Branch Pillow

This incredibly detailed pillow features 5 different birds perched upon a branch - welcoming spring perhaps? With its gentle washes of color, the pillow is subtle enough to add a lovely accent to any room. You'll especially love the touch of the buttons!


White & Black Spotted Rabbit - 8"

Sweet & spotted, this adorable bunny is the perfect addition to your Easter collection! Animal lover/artist Craig Yenke creates his handmade wildlife pieces using paper mache & specially selected coverings (no molds). The attention to detail is stunning!


Tan Striped Bee Pillow - 9"

The warm tan stripes of this Bee Pillow will make a great accent in any cozy home. Handmade using the best fabrics and materials in Ohio, USA.

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