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Wild Blossom Pick - Cream

Add the Wild Blossoms pick to bring color to your floral arrangement. This cream colored pick has a light & airy appeal. The cream flowers are tiny & blend with the foam leaves & artificial grass.. A simple touch , measures 16".


Wild Blossom Pick - Purple

The Wild Blossoms Pick is packed with tiny purple flowers and blended with foam leaves and artificial grass on a handwrapped stem. Measures 16" long.


Wild Blossom Pick - Yellow

The color yellow always brings a smile just like this Wild Blossom for your Spring arrangements. With it’s small yellow flowers & blended leaves with artificial grass it adds a simple touch of colors. Measures 16”.


Real Touch Light Green Hydrangea Stem

Add the real touch and the beauty of the Light Green Hydrangea to your arrangements. Perfect for year round and especially for Fall. Measures 20".


Wood Fern Bush

Bring a fresh look to your country home with the Wood Fern Bush. It adds a natural look to any vase or shelf. Measures 14".