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Eucalyptus Lavender 16oz Butter Jar

The Milkhouse Candles Eucalyptus Lavender 16 oz. Jar Candle is a refreshing blend of lavender & the exotic spice notes of eucalyptus. Very warm and inviting. 60 hours of burn time, made in the USA. Soy wax infused with beeswax - 100% paraffin-free.


1803 Lavender Lemongrass Candle

The 1803 Lavender Lemongrass Candle is a refreshing scent & a highly requested one. It has just the right combination of lavender and lemongrass to bring you a brisk, uplifting scent is the right choice any time your spirit needs a stimulating boost!


Limoncello 2.5oz Melt Milkhouse

The Limoncello Milkhouse Melt is a lively blend of fresh citrus, juicy melon, cane sugar and a hint of lemon zest. Inspired by Italy’s favorite Limoncello beverage. Love melts but hate the clean up? 100% Paraffin-Free Soy Melt.


Morning Dew 13 oz Farmhouse Jar Candle

The fresh scent of Morning Dew! Luminous bergamot, sparkling yuzu, dewy lotus and oriental poppy flowers highlighted by wild hibiscus & garden mosses wrapped in sensual patchoui, soft cedarwood & amber-infused musk.


Moroccan Mint 2.5oz Melt Milkhouse

NEW SCENT! Experience the invigorating elements of cool peppermint blending with refreshing eucalyptus and garden rosemary sweetened with fresh spearmint. It won't stick to the sides of most warmers! 100% Paraffin-Free Soy Melt.


Laundry Day 13oz Milkhouse Farmhouse Jar Candle

Just like the fresh breeze with clothes on the line, the Laundry Day scent evokes memories of a day outside many years ago. A more simple time in the country with a. soap and water scent.


Lemon Daisy Soy Jar Candle

Enjoy a scent that is like freshly baked lemon biscotti! Some smell like imitation lemon but not our Lemon Daisy blend. It's more like baked lemon cookies! Hand poured in the USA. Clean burning soy and up to 95 hrs. burn time.


You are My Sunshine Wreath Candle Sleeve

A favorite sentiment of You Are My Sunshine adorns this sweet Candle Sleeve. You'll love the yellow honeysuckle wreath and the glow of light. Makes a great gift idea! Made of hand poured wax in the USA.


Warm Vanilla Custard Soy Jar Candle

This yummy blend of vanilla is a perfect relaxing scent for your home this Spring! Just like a yummy vanilla custard cake. (Same scent as My Peeps!!!). Our 16 oz jars burn for at least 95 hours and are poured with Soy & Coconut Wax.


Spread Kindness Candle Sleeve

Our world needs to Spread Kindness like the sentiment on this Candle Sleeve. You'll love the daisies and wildflowers as they show thru the warm glow. Made of hand poured wax in the USA.


Rusty Bucket Greens Candle Sleeve

The attractive Rusty Bucket Greens Candle Sleeve makes a nice addition to a shelf or table top. Works nicely as an accent or night light. Made in the USA of hand poured wax.


Watering Can Hydrangea Spring Candle Sleeve

The beautiful and rich colors of the Hydrangea is captured with the old Watering Can Candle Sleeve for Spring. The warm light will show thru to bring the colors to life. Made in the USA of hand poured wax.

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