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Milkhouse Candles

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Cup O' Joe 13oz Milkhouse Farmhouse Jar Candle

From the Milkhouse Farmhouse Collection is the scent of your favorite cafe, the Cup O' Joe Mason Jar Candle. Experience the robust coffee accompanied by notes of vanilla, cinnamon, & hazelnut. 70 hours of burn time. YUMMM!

70+ hours of burn time


White Sage & Bergamot 16oz Butter Jar

The White Sage & Bergamot scent brings a fresh and clean scent to any space. The blend of citrus-splashed herbs and cashmere. A great start to a Spring day. 60 hours of burn time.


Victorian Christmas 16oz Butter Jar

The Victorian Christmas scent from Milkhouse Candles is the fresh cut pine boughs from the deep woods mingling with rich spice. A nostalgic, sophisticated fragrance. Double Wicks to fill your home with fragrance. 60 hours burn!


Apple Strudel 16oz Butter Jar

The Apple Strudel scent from Milkhouse Candles brings fresh apples baked with juicy raisins in a fragrant blend of spice topped with a buttery crumb strudel floating thru your home. Reminds you of Grandma's kitchen on baking day. 60 hours burn!


Gratitude 16oz Butter Jar

The peaceful scent of the Gratitude Butter Jar Candle is sure to refresh any space! A glorious blend of fresh, vibrant notes of grapefruit, bergamot and fresh soft florals will fill any room. Enjoy this new scent for 60 hours of burn time.


Brown Butter Pumpkin 16oz Milkhouse

You'll love the Milkhouse Candle Brown Butter Pumpkin 16oz Butter Jar scent! Rich pumpkin puree blended with browned butter, toasted nutmeg, and cinnamon then swirled with sweet vanilla cream and brown sugar. 60 hours of burn time.


Berry Jam 13 oz Milkhouse Farmhouse Jar Candle

Just like trip out to the farm, Berry Jam, is a blended scent of fresh air and ripe berries! Strawberries, freshly picked raspberries, & red currents are blended with a touch of vanilla for a tasty sweet treat after a long winter. 70 hrs. burn time.


Mulled Cider 16oz Butter Jar

Milkhouse Candles 16oz Mulled Cider Butter Jar Candle brings the scent of hot apple cider steeped in the traditional mulling spices of cinnamon, allspice, clove, and orange zest. 60 hours of burn time. Soy wax infused with beeswax - 100% paraffin-free.


Cabin Fever 16oz Milkhouse

Give your country home a cozy scent with the Milkhouse Cabin Fever Butter Jar Candle. The aroma is a woodsy, warm, and spicy blend that's sure to enrich any space. 60 hours of burn time, soy wax infused with beeswax - 100% paraffin-free.


Coffee Break 8oz Milkhouse

Like the scent of coffee brewing in the morning! The Coffee Break 8oz Milkbottle scent is a blend of deep rick notes of freshly roasted and brewed coffee blended with just the right touch of sweet cream. YUMMY! Burn time of 50 hours.


Roasted Pumpkin Seeds 16oz Milkhouse

The scent of Autumn floats thru the air with the Milkhouse Roasted Pumpkin Seeds candle. The aroma of fire roasted pumpkin seeds dusted with a hint of sugar & cinnamon. A perfect candle for your farmhouse style! 50 hours of burn time.


Oatmeal Milk & Honey 2.5oz Melt Milkhouse

Fresh-baked oatmeal cookies dipped in whole milk, drizzled with true sweet honey. Subtle cherry notes complete this delicious treat! Meet the easiest melts ever! Our new Clean Release melt formula won't stick to the sides of most warmers!

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