Are you looking for furniture pieces for your home or workplace? Go for well-crafted furniture pieces whose designs accent your beautiful home and can last for many years so that this is a worthwhile investment or a family heirloom. Consider the early American furniture collections by Town and Country Furnishings, a renowned furniture creator of superbly crafted furniture pieces whose designs blend the simple elegance of Early American styles with today's need for comfort.


Town and Country Furnishings pieces are handcrafted in Ohio, USA. These furniture pieces reflect hundreds of years of design and the functionality of modern craftsmanship in its designs, resulting in timeless elegance and quality craftsmanship. The Amish craftsmen design each piece with simple traditional lines and timeless style, making these furniture pieces comfortable for relaxation. You’ll find each sofa, chair or ottoman to be a beautiful centerpiece that will transform any room into an elegant space. These furniture pieces of- sturdy and durable craftsmanship, simple yet elegant designs, and traditional fabrics were created and intended to last a long period making them gorgeous and valuable heirloom in any household.


Town and country furniture comes in two memorable collection lines of Early American furniture pieces- the American Primitive Collection and the American Country Collection

American Primitive Collection represents the Early American period in furnishings. Modeled after European furniture styles, the straight lines, simple design, and sturdy dimensions harken back to colonial times. Its construction details include a no-sag zigzag spring that is made from two-dimensional S-shaped heavy-duty wire. Zigzag springs were known in the upholstery industry as 'no-sag' springs. They are typically used in ottomans, sofas, and chairs and are ideal in furniture pieces with shallow frames.


American Country Collection is for those who desire the charm and rustic nature of country furniture and modern comforts. It’s construction details include the traditional eight-way, hand-tied, coiled springs and seats that bring added comfort and relaxation. A time-honored construction method using a series of coils, each tied eight times from front to back, side to side, and diagonally creates even comfort and prevents 'give' in the frame. This traditional method is believed to offer superior comfort.

In both collection lines of town and country furniture, designs come in a comprehensive line of variance. From a total of 46 in 4 different grades of fabric options, you can choose from a complete line of Checks, Presidio, Tifton, or Tavern, and a lot more designs. Wood stain color options include black paint with wear, mahogany stain, and walnut stain.


The old American town and country furniture was referred to as 'pioneer-style' representing the American pride and identity. While the furniture pieces then were influenced by the majestic and refined styles of aristocratic Europe, the simplistic and rustic artistry and functionality of American style remained most evident in the furniture designs.

Town and Country Furnishings furniture include period correct styling and quality Amish craftsmanship that creates heirlooms for your home that offer the Early American design you’re looking for combined with the design choices of our forefathers. The upholstery fabrics offer a variety of floral, crescent, chip-carved scrolls, and leaf designs. Common materials included wood like pine, birch, maple, cherry, and oak.



Early American town and country furniture's unique style and craftsmanship remain a particularly sought-after style for generations and up until today. Regardless of culture, whether they are Americans or not, people go for elegant yet simple designs. You can find it in museums, art galleries, convention centers, and prestigious institutions and establishments.

Plush hotels prefer to have the first American town and country furniture pieces because they transform any space they occupy into a great elegant place, giving the exquisite feeling that pleases their guests. Mansions and villas owners have them, regarding them not just as furnishings but as priced possession they intend to keep a family heirloom. Interior designers choose them because they can fit in any interior design. The elegance of town and country furniture pieces can stand on its own.

Even the average income earning people endeavor to acquire town and country furnishings furniture pieces. They save a lot to afford these furniture pieces, considering them a valuable investment that they can treasure as a family heirloom.


Nana’s Farmhouse

The first American town and country furniture pieces can be acquired through Nana's Farmhouse, a reputable shop renowned for its interest and flair in anything primitive and vintage, antique and rustic, country and hand-made, distinct and unique, and one-of-a-kind.

Nana's Farmhouse offers- fine pieces of handcrafted furniture including early American styles and well-crafted furnishings; handpicked art pieces and gift items; a wide-line of comfortable beddings including country-style. All sorts of lightings, including crafted candle and candlelight accessories; artistically designed curtains and rugs; creatively made décors including seasonal stuff and vintage Christmas merchandise like the Arnett's Santa.


Nana's Farmhouse was inspired by a century-old photo of Nana's husband's great-grandparent's 1907 farmhouse. Nana' refers to Cathy, the owner; it is how her grandchildren call her similar to 'nanny,' how her husband gets his great grandmother.

Nana's Farmhouse aims to help create a comfortable, cozy, and welcoming home but awesomely beautiful. Whether your place is a high-end mansion, a neighborhood house, or a condominium unit, you can find exquisite items in Nana's Farmhouse that would transform your location into the look and ambiance you prefer town and country furniture pieces. You can opt for pieces under its American Primitive Collection or its American Country Collection.


Having a piece of town and country furniture is a worthwhile investment. You not only get an elegantly beautiful centerpiece in your home, but you also get a priced possession that remains valuable over time that can be considered your family heirloom.