If your goal is to have rustic home décor, it is possible to do so in a beautiful and classy way. Whether you live in a modern house or a cabin, you can still find a way of achieving rustic home décor.


Color Scheme  

When considering rustic home décor, the color scheme has a big impact on the feeling you create in a space. Grays, tans, greens, and browns are traditional, but you can add a pop of color to brighten up the design. Natural woods are a sure way to bring a rustic touch to your space.



Lighting should never be forgotten in your rustic home decor. Hang a heavy and dark chandelier or place a few table lamps to brighten the room. Go for a brushed bronze or iron finish to complete the rustic home décor.


Cute Kitchen  

The kitchen is a place where you spend a lot of time, so surround yourself with rustic home décor to make every moment spent there more enjoyable. If you do not like the idea of undergoing a renovation, standalone cabinets can be found on our site to add rustic home décor and accentuate the atmosphere.


Follow That Animal Instinct  

One way to achieve rustic home décor is to follow your animal instinct. Give your bedroom rustic flair with sweet checkered curtains and animal busts. Consider adding an adorable handmade rabbit to your room for a touch of whimsy.


Make your Space Feel Welcoming and Warm!  

The good thing about rustic home decor is that it can make your space feel welcoming and warm. Rustic home décor highlights the combination of low and high and new and old. It brings together elements of distress, polish, character, and texture.


Rustic home décor can be achieved in an effortless manner by collecting objects along the journey of life. Over time, your collection of rustic home décor creates a story.

At Nana’s Farmhouse, we have an unbeatable selection of rustic home décor. Browse our website and find new favorites every time you shop. You will never be disappointed when you spend the time to choose the perfect rustic home décor.