Primitive home décor is described in many ways. The words often used include rustic, cozy, folksy, charming, and simple. This popular style is all about using folk art items that emphasize rough beauty, natural fabrics, and darker, earthy colors.

Primitive home décor focuses more on the comfort it brings, rather than modern conveniences. It serves to imitate the life of generations ago in small towns across America, re-creating a time of that required reducing, re-using, and recycling as a way of life.

Primitive home décor creates a welcoming and homey feel. If it is a fit for you, there are many facets to follow when incorporating primitive home décor. In the first place, the core of this cozy and unique decorating style is more about the feeling it brings to the people living inside a home. The impression created includes rustic comfort, warmth, and simplicity. It is not just the style but the lifestyle it creates that you will love.

Primitive home décor is an extremely approachable decorating style. It is a good outlet when it comes to creativity. Still, there are themes that you need to bear in mind that are as follows:


Think Vintage  

Create interesting displays for in your primitive home décor by thinking vintage. However, it can be done still in new ways. As you look for primitive home décor items, you can also make use of them in non-conventional ways. For example, antique tools can be displayed in your living room.


Go for Quality  

When it comes to achieving primitive home décor, the idea is to go back in time. Look back to an era when things were designed to last. They should be manufactured by hand. Consider quality over quantity. This must be the key to sourcing the pieces for successful primitive home décor. Also consider whether they seem antique, vintage, and of heirloom quality.


Showcase unsophisticated and simple lines  

Unsophisticated and simple lines complement a primitive home décor. Surprisingly, this is not unlike a modern urban style, so it is possible to achieve a traditional country look with these two seemingly dissimilar styles. A lodge or rustic style can also be easily combined with a primitive home style.


Homespun and Rough Textures  

Achieve an authentic early-American look with homespun and rough textures. Try to also emphasize an understated appearance and folk art. Implement a less-is-more concept and uncluttered décor technique.

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Don’t be afraid to start incorporating primitive décor in your home. Start slowly with just a few carefully selected primitive home pieces. Before long, you’ll get more comfortable adding more primitive home decor items. If we can help you in any way, let us know!