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Primitive Country Decor


Whether you have a new house in an urban area or a century-old house on many acres of land, you may choose to have primitive country décor in your interior. There are some easy-to-follow design principles to create the warm and welcoming feel of a farmhouse. Do not forget to add imagination when brining the look of primitive country décor to every room in your house.


A Farmhouse Feel in the Living Room  

The centerpiece of primitive country décor in the living room is a fireplace. But you can still get a farmhouse atmosphere if you do not have one at home. Buy an electric fireplace or decorate one of the walls with a reclaimed mantle. Then, decorate the surface with candlesticks, bottles, barrels, and other antique items.

Keep the look of your primitive country décor from being stuffy and dated by mixing natural materials with modern elements. Give the room a warm, rustic base by choosing a neutral rug or reclaimed wood flooring. Opt for natural colors like green and brown shades: think colors of the farm. Also, use wood coffee tables as well as end tables for your primitive country décor to match or deliberately contrast with the floor.


Create Your Country Bedroom  

When bringing primitive country décor into the bedroom, start with rustic wood flooring and some rugs to convey warmth. Opt for antique-style furniture like Shaker-style dressers and desks, antique side chairs, and four-poster beds.

When it comes to lighting that complements a primitive country décor style, consider using a rustic chandelier, as it will also help set the tone of the entire space. Add a few antique paintings, mirrors, and photos without creating lots of distraction. Keep in mind that primitive country décor should be free of clutter.


Farmhouse Kitchen Style  

You can achieve a contemporary farmhouse kitchen by combining modern appliances and antique wood. To create primitive country décor in your kitchen, maximize the use of natural light. Open shelving is a great way to keep the primitive country décor feel —incorporate materials like stone, natural wood, and antique brick or tile. Moreover, add accents like old dishes, antique bowls and pitchers, and wooden spoons to bring authenticity to your primitive country décor.


Set the Country Tone in the Dining Room  

When designing your dining room, primitive country décor begins with weathered or reclaimed wood or neutral carpet. The centerpiece in this room is a wooden table or an antique table. Open shelving or a wood buffet cabinet is suitable for primitive country décor in a dining area. Consider using mismatched antique china plates for accents. Select a light fixture that works well with the look of your primitive country décor, for example, candle chandeliers, distressed metal lamps, or wrought iron chandeliers.

Primitive country décor is about homespun simplicity. Put lots of antique accessories to generate a sense of history even if your country home is in the suburbs.


Regardless of which room you are decorating, these ideas can help you create a beautiful, comfortable, and stylish home with primitive country décor. Nana’s Farmhouse has everything you need to design any space with primitive country décor. We hope you enjoy browsing!

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