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Spring Decor

Cream Speckled Eggs

Put a finishing touch on your country style with the Cream Eggs in Bag. Each bag has a set of 24 assorted sized foam eggs. Each has a speckled finish. There are 12 of each at 1¼" and 1½" high.


Mixed Blue Speckled Eggs

Add to your farmhouse style with the Blue Speckled Eggs. A perfect finishing touch to your home decor project. Each bag comes with 24 mixed eggs with sizes ranging from 1" to 1½" long.


Watering Can Nightlight Galavanized

Give your room a romantic glow and cover up those ugly outlets with the Watering Can Nightlight. This galvanized accent light is laser cut to give you the a flower design light on the front while the metal reflects the rest of the light on the wall.