1803 Apples & Acorns Candle

The 1803 Apples & Acorns Candle is warm and comforting, with mulled cider notes, our freshly poured Apples & Acorns soy candle puts a new twist on the classic fall scent.


Hearth Olive Bucket Candle

The Hearth Olive Bucket blends the gifts of nature remembered with gathered currants and herbs. You'll love the the flicker of candlelight thru the holes in the Olive Bucket design reminiscent of a vintage olive bucket. Approximate burn time 60 hrs.


1803 Orange Caramel Scone Candle

The 1803 Orange Caramel Scone Candle is a celebration with pops of cinnamon that complement the sunny fruit blended into the thick pastry & melt momentarily on your tongue. The crunch of the crystalized sugar finishes each heavenly bite.


1803 Grandma's Kitchen Candle

1803 Grandma's Kitchen Candle is a scent that is a country-inspired blend of brown sugar, spice, & buttery crushed oatmeal. Cookies & pies just from the oven, still hot & soft!


1803 Grandma's Kitchen Melter

1803 Grandma's Kitchen Melter are a country-influenced combination of sweet brown sugar, delicious spices, & newly-harvested, crushed oatmeal. Pies & cookies come from the oven and line the counter as grandma prepares meals passed down from generations.


1803 Shoofly Pie Candle

The 1803 Shoofly Pie Candle... a warm, sugary aroma fills the air as the pie cools on the sideboard. Notes of brown sugar blended with the deep, spiced molasses will cause your home to fill with a sweet, comforting memory.


1803 Pumpkin Cornbread Candle

The 1803 Pumpkin Cornbread Candle is a scent like mouthwatering, buttery, pumpkin-infused cornbread. This Soy Candle in it's Butter Jar creates the perfect autumn aroma of golden baked cornbread with pantry spice and honey pumpkin.


1803 Happy Halloween Candle

For some, this is a favorite time of year & they love the 1803 Happy Halloween Candle! The delicious scent of vanilla butterscotch, maple taffy, & a hint of rum welcomes you as you walk through the door to reveal your goodies & have a sweet treat.


Vintage Scarecrow Candle Sleeve

Here’s a great way to celebrate Halloween & Fall with the Vintage Scarecrow Candle Sleeve. The candle sleeve is made in the USA. 6 watt bulb and the base of your choice (Antique White, Chocolate & Black) are all sold separately on our site.