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Welcome Home 2.5oz Milkhouse

Bring the inviting scent of Welcome Home to your cozy space! This soy melt blends the scent warm hearth fires and fresh baked goodies from the oven, sweet, spicy, fruity and delicious. You'll love this scent and the feeling is brings!


Colonial Sampler Primitive Spice Melts

This is a year-round favorite! A blend of Nutmeg, Ginger & Cinnamon will float thru your home. There are 4 wax melts in each pack. Hand poured in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


Apple Crisp Christmas Mini Pack of Tarts

Apple Crisp Christmas Melts. The warmth of the apple crisp & the spices really enhance this fragrance. Burn time of 12-18 hours depending on bulb's brightness.


Apple Strudel 2.5oz Milkhouse

The Apple Strudel scent from Milkhouse Candles brings fresh apples baked with juicy raisins in a fragrant blend of spice topped with a buttery crumb strudel floating thru your home. Reminds you of Grandma's kitchen on baking day.


Cabin Fever 2.5oz Melt Milkhouse

Milkhouse Cabin Fever Melts adds a cozy scent to your farmhouse style. The aroma is a woodsy, warm, and spicy blend that's sure to enrich any space. 60 hours of burn time, soy wax infused with beeswax - 100% paraffin-free.


1803 Grandma's Kitchen Melter

1803 Grandma's Kitchen Melter are a country-influenced combination of sweet brown sugar, delicious spices, & newly-harvested, crushed oatmeal. Pies & cookies come from the oven and line the counter as grandma prepares meals passed down from generations.


Holiday Home 2.5oz Melts Milkhouse

Create the right ambience at your seasonal gathering with the Holiday Home Milkhouse Melts! Just like the best holiday meal this blend of aromas bring the combination of fresh red apple, cinnamon, clove, & a hint of pine to your country home.


Sticky Buns 2.5oz Melts Milkhouse

The aroma of Grandma's freshly baked rolls will come back with the Milkhouse Sticky Buns Melters! The scent of warm cinnamon rolls, gooey, sticky and so fragrant! Made in USA. Soy wax infused with beeswax - 100% paraffin-free.


Sweet Woods 2.5oz Milkhouse

The Milkhouse Candle Sweet Woods 8oz Milk Bottle gives off a full rich fragrance bursting with woodsy balsam and sandalwood. Accents of ripe fruits and rich florals with a hint of smoky spice. Sensational! 50 hours of burn time.