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Jar Candles

Pure Vanilla 16 oz. Butter Jar

The Pure Vanilla Milkhouse Butter Jar Candle is a fresh Madagascar vanilla bean! 60 hours of burn time. Double Wicks to fill your home with fragrance. Made in the USA. Soy wax infused with beeswax - 100% paraffin-free.


Orange Marmalade Soy Jar Candle

The Orange Marmalade Soy Candle is a true stand out! This soy candle is made with orange spice marmalade and creamy vanilla in a 16oz like mason jar. With it's vintage lid this candle is sure become a favorite!


Apple Crisp Christmas Soy Jar Candle

Apple Crisp Christmas from blends yummy spices & warm apple crisp. It is not too sweet, and not too spicy. The warmth of the apple crisp & the spices really enhance this fragrance. Burn time 110 hours.


Spiced Apple Harvest Soy Jar Candle

The Spiced Apple Harvest scent is a wonderful fall apple with cinnamon spice, 100% soy poured into a 24 oz “Old Look” Mason Jar topped with a “vintage” tin lid! They burn clean with no smoke. Burn time of 110 hours.


Farmhouse Cinnamon Soy Jar Candle

Farmhouse Cinnamon is a spicy blend of warm cinnamon. Great for patriotic themes but also any time of the year. It is poured into 100% Soy Wax Candles and an “Old Look” Mason Jar topped with a “vintage” black lid that will burn for 95 hours!


Warm Vanilla Spice Soy Jar Candle

Warm Vanilla Spice has a beautiful label & scent. It is poured into our new line of 100% Soy Wax Candles poured into an “Old Look” Mason Jar topped with a “vintage” lid that will burn for 95 hours! Hand-Poured by Herbal Star.