Red Oaks Pottery

Red Oaks Pottery Pamela ArmbrustRed Oaks Pottery is real American made earthenware pottery inspired by early redware from Europe and Colonial America. Design inspiration comes from Antique textiles for many of their floral pieces.

Artist Pamela Armbrust hand-makes each piece using the same techniques as those used by early redware potters. Plates and platters are rolled out, cut and draped.

Decoration is achieved using a combination of slip trailing, sgraffito, and slip brushing. Additionally, pitchers and jars are wheel thrown and decorated in the same manner.

All pieces are glazed with a transparent amber glaze and fired to approximately 2000 degrees.  All glazes are food safe. The matte or ‘aged’ finish is a process achieved after firing to give the piece a more ‘primitive’ look.

Do you love red ware?

Redware is a type of reddish pottery made from clay and fired at low temperatures. Early American settlers used local clay to make redware for utilitarian household items. The color of redware pottery is due to its high iron content, which turns a reddish color after firing despite what may have been the clay’s original color.

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