You can buy clocks almost anywhere… but not handmade by our artists.Country Primitive Gift Ideas Nana's Farmhouse

The big box stores offer cheap knock-offs.   We only carry quality time pieces that you can’t find in those square foot monsters.  Our artists and suppliers work with metals and wood to create unique time keepers for you.

A Rustic, Colonial, Primitive or Country Clock is a beautiful touch in any room!

Whether you want an oversized wall clock for your living room, a mantel clock, a grandfather clock, a floor clock or a table clock.  You’ll love our choices throughout the year.

Keep track of the time in every room and add color and dimension to your cozy home.  

Add to your farmhouse style today and pick the clock you love!  In addition, many times we can order in pieces from our Amish builders.

If you’re looking for something or have a question be sure to contact us so that we can do our very best to help you!

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Showing all 2 results