Country Primitive Gift Ideas Nana's FarmhouseWhen you go Primitive you can’t have just any Candle Sleeve!  Count on us to always have your Primitive Candle Sleeve selection and be sure to check back as we continue to add more beautiful options!

Candle Sleeves are a beautiful choice for any home and make a great gift! Each Primitive Candle Sleeve is made of hand-poured wax and in the USA. In addition, electric candle sleeves can be placed anywhere in your home… on a shelf… mantel or a nightstand.

Customers love the safety of all Candle Sleeves.

Primitive Candle Sleeves make a perfect alternative from traditional candles.

Furthermore, there will be no more flames left burning or melted wax on treasured furniture. Candle Sleeves are lighted with the electric bulb in the base and don’t melt.

In addition, each sleeve will last you many seasons. If you decide later to change the colors or look you can simply choose a new sleeve and slip it onto your lighted candle base.

We want to help you! Reach out and contact us with any questions so that we can best help you.

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Showing all 6 results