1803 Candles & Melters

Customers love our 1803 Candles & Melters!  Country Primitive Gift Ideas Nana's Farmhouse

Because we know you want selection and great scents we carry the popular scents year round and add all the traditional scents to celebrate each special season throughout the year.  You’ll find one for every special event or just to have at home for a relaxing evening.

Bring the delicious scents and cozy feel of 1803 Candles & Melters home with you!

1803 Candles & Melts are made of hand-poured Soy Wax and made in the USA.  They are biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  Order your favorite scent today and have it delivered to your front door within a few days.

Because we want to help you be sure to contact us with any questions.