Customers love our great variety of Candlelight:  candles, candle sleeves, 1803 Candles, primitive candles, flameless candles and our newest addition, Milkhouse Soy Candles.  Shopping for delicious scents?  We have those!  Perhaps a flickering light?  We have those too!  Remote controlled?  Yes, we have those too!Reviews for Nana's Farmhouses Arnett's

In addition, you’ll find that we only carry the highest quality and best selection of everything candle.

We realize quality may cost a little more up front but our belief is that they will last longer and save you in the long run.  Furthermore, our promise to you is that we won’t sell the candles that blacken your walls and furniture.  

Our goal is to have you do all your candle shopping with us!  

We know there a lot of big box stores that sometimes offer candles for a cheaper price but always ask yourself about the quality.  In the end we want you to be happy with your choice.  Just know in our boutique we’re committed to a great variety of quality candles.

Here’s a blog that can help you choose the right candles for your home or for a gift!