Accent Lamp

3 Light Accent Light

A unique accent light to add a warm glow to your home's decor. This captivating piece will look great in it's purchased state or imagine this piece during the holiday season with beautiful greens and berries adorning the arms. Makes a wonderful gift.


Manor House Accent Light in Kettle Black

Add a beautiful accent light to your home with the Manor House Light. You'll LOVE the new screw-in dancing flame candles. The ease of electricity with a beautiful accent light makes this a wonderful new accessory, no more batteries to change!


Pyramid Accent Light in Antique Tin

Country Farmhouse lighting just found a new favorite with the wired version, Pyramid Accent Light in Antique Tin. With five wired arms, you can create as much ambient light as you need by limiting the bulb wattage to your liking. Simply beautiful!


Fia Flame LED White Flame Candle

NEW! See our video below! LED White Flame Candle is perfect for a lantern on a deck or in a Candle Sleeve on your favorite shelf! 6 hour timer. Charged with USB. USB Charging cable included.


Cyrus Mini Table Lamp - 22" T

The traditional & simple style of the Cyrus Mini Table Lamp has classic detailing that will accent any Early American home. Created using the old time techniques of our forefathers for historical accuracy. Made in the USA.


Savannah Table Lamp - 14" T

This simple candle stick light, Savannah Table Lamp, features the look of an old fashioned candle that may have lit up a room or dinner table. Details are historically correct. Made in the USA.


Storekeeper Accent Light with Hurricane Shade

A popular choice is the Storekeeper Light! Beautiful chisel punch pattern and smokey black finish allows this piece to fit seamlessly with your existing decor. Glass globe included. In-stock and ready to ship!


Single Colonial Candlestick Lamp - 23" T

Give the look of a Primitive candle with the safety of this electric Single Colonial Candlestick Lamp. Handcrafted from tin in the USA. A great lamp for any space! In-stock and ready to ship. Bulbs sold separately on this site.


Colonial Lamp with Mirror - 10.75" T

Add the Colonial Lamp with Mirror to your space. This reproduction light is handcrafted in the USA using the techniques of our forefathers for the old time look. In-stock and ready to ship.


Cabinet Light - 8" T

The simple Cabinet Light is a terrific Colonial detail. Made using tin and the strict guidelines of historic lighting made by our ancestors. Perfect for a table, desk or mantel. Each light made with with care in the USA.