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Stockbridge Shade Light with Willow in Blackened Tin

The Stockbridge Shade Light is designed to be smaller in size so that it can be used above a sink or in groups above a kitchen island. Finished with a fine crimping on the edges and a rustic punched willow design. Made in Pennsylvania, USA.


Stockbridge Shade Light with Chisel

The Stockbridge Shade Light with Chisel is a great touch of country grouped over an island or sink area! Available in three colors. Finished with a fine crimping on the edges and a rustic punched chisel design. Made in the USA.


Wellington Large Island Light

Our impressive Large Wellington Light is a stately commanding light that will grace any living area of your home. Chosen most often for in the kitchen over the island or sink area, the Wellington Light also works well for in the game room or over a large


Hanging Lantern in Blackened Tin

Enjoy the warm glow of the Hanging Lantern. Reminiscent of times when any nighttime chores were accompanied by the light from a lantern. The blackened tin lantern is perfect on a covered porch or in a favorite corner in your home.


Barrington Island Light - Large

Add the timeless Barrington Island Light over your island or sink area. This large light brings a great light to large tables or in game room areas as well. Finished with a black powder coating & accented with Kettle Black finished shades.


Franklin Island Light

The perfect light for your island is the Large Franklin Hanging Light! Designed for a larger island or table with a country or farmhouse theme. You will fall in love with the simple styling and punched tin shades. Made in the USA.


Industrial Cage Pendant in Smokey Black

The Industrial Cage Pendant is a very popular pendant light that exudes the rustic charm of industrial decor. This piece is also a very popular addition to the country/farmhouse style of decorating.


Loft Cage Pendant

The Loft Cage Pendant is a beautiful wire pendant designed to maximize the lighting for your space. With the wire design you will have plenty of light to illuminate your table or sitting area. Available in two finishes.


Roosevelt Shade Light with Willow in Blackened Tin

The willow tree is a symbol for the traditional & primitive home and the Roosevelt Shade Light will be a great added touch. Simply crafted for a more rustic look, this light is a perfect accent in a log cabin or in a turn of the century farmhouse.


16-Inch Oval Sphere Pendant in Black

Refresh your space with the 16-Inch Oval Sphere Pendant in Black. This updated light will bring a new look to any living space. The Light is crafted from metal straps to create this beautiful pendant. Made in the USA!


Hartford Double Saddle Light

BEST SELLER! Decorators love the Hartford Double Saddle Light! This light has a classic simplicity and looks beautiful in an entryway or a country laundry room. 4 Candelabras. Made in the USA.


Franklin Island Light with Chisel in Kettle Black

The Franklin Island Light brings a warm country glow to an island area or over a table. This medium sized light gives a fair amount of light and is beautiful touch in your Colonial or Primitive home. Made in the USA.

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