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Hitchcock Shade Light

The Hitchcock Shade Light is the perfect size to use above your sink, in pairs above a kitchen island or over a bar area. The rustic look brings a finishing touch to any room. This light has a rolled edge and a punched chisel design. Made in USA!


Smethport Hanging Lamp in Antique Tin

Bring back a touch of Colonial times with the Smethport Hanging Lamp in Antique Tin. This beautiful pendant is an ode to a time gone by when candlelight lit the way. The Antique finish will be a welcomed addition to your country home.


Milk Can Pendant in Weathered Zinc

Bring a farmhouse touch to your cozy place with the Milk Can Pendant light. This beautiful rustic pendant has a weathered zin finish for your country home. Imagine this piece inside the mudroom or in the kitchen.


Stockbridge Shade Light with Star

The Stockbridge Shade Light with Star is a great touch of country grouped over an island or sink area! Available in two colors. Finished with a fine crimpling on the edges and a rustic punched star design. Made in the USA.


Homespun Shade Light

Our Homespun Shade Light features the chisel pattern, which is the signature design of our pioneer past. Crafted in our rustic Kettle Black , this versatile lighting accessory can brighten your breakfast nook, country kitchen or foyer.


Breakfast Table Pendant in Brushed Tin

It's unfair to name this the Breakfast Table Pendant in Brushed Tin because it will look great in so many other areas of your home. Of course it's perfect for your breakfast area but also could used over a desk, in a bathroom or hallway.


Hanging Lantern in Blackened Tin

Enjoy the warm glow of the Hanging Lantern. Reminiscent of times when any nighttime chores were accompanied by the light from a lantern. The blackened tin lantern is perfect on a covered porch or in a favorite corner in your home.


Store Lamp

The Store Lamp is a throwback to what you would have seen over a 100 years ago. This updated version though has electric and an Antique brushed tin finish! You'll LOVE the way the light brightens a room thru the glass globe that is included.


Franklin Island Light

The perfect light for your island is the Large Franklin Hanging Light! Designed for a larger island or table with a country or farmhouse theme. You will fall in love with the simple styling and punched tin shades. Made in the USA.


Egg Basket Cage Pendant in Smokey Black

The Egg Basket Cage Pendant Light brings a farmhouse touch to any spot in your home. Baskets like this were used to gather eggs from the coop and the baskets were used to carry the eggs. Perfect over an island, bathroom sink or your favorite corner.


Round Hanging Strap Light

The Round Strap Light is a beautiful pendant that looks great with an Edison light bulb! It's easy to clean. Just dust with a soft clean cloth or use the brush attachment from your vacuum. Made in USA!


16-Inch Oval Sphere Pendant in Black

Refresh your space with the 16-Inch Oval Sphere Pendant in Black. This updated light will bring a new look to any living space. The Light is crafted from metal straps to create this beautiful pendant. Made in the USA!

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