Telling The Bees Print by Bonnie White

Many years ago Bee keepers believed that their bees would fly away or die if they weren't told of important events like births, marriages & deaths. Telling The Bees print captures a young woman & her brother sharing a death in the family with the bees.


Mill Side Picnic Print by Bonnie White

A beautiful day as a family enjoys a picnic. The landscape captures sheep grazing on the hillside & it's milking time while the cats hope for a bowl of warm milk. The Mill Side Picnic Print is from the brush of watercolor Primitive artist Bonnie White.


Safe Harbor Inn Print by Bonnie White

The Safe Harbor Inn is a safe place in this primitive print from artist Bonnie White. It captures the setting sun over the harbor as white caps form and the cold wind causes folks to find a place to shelter for the night. Black and Walnut frame.