Small Witch Hat

Add a touch of whimsy to your Halloween decor with the Black Witch Hat! A Primitive touch adorned with "The Salem Wardrobe Company Established 1865" label. Made at the hands of an American Artist!


Selma The Witch

Selma the Primitive Witch is a great addition to your Fall decor this year! With rich colors and handmade stitching she is a great accent in your country home. Has a weighted base. Looks great with your other Autumn decor . Handmade in the USA.


Fall Pumpkin Box

Bring a touch of Fall into your country home with the Fall Pumpkin Box. This wooden box holds all those things that remind you of falling leaves, hayrides and scarecrows. Put the finishing touches for Autumn with this handmade accent.


Berit The Pumpkin Doll

Get read for Fall with Berit, the Primitive Pumpkin Doll! With beautiful, rich, colors, sits steady with a weighted base. Looks great with your other Autumn decor . Handmade in the USA with only the finest fabrics.


Ida The Pumpkin Doll

Ida The Pumpkin Doll is a great addition to your primitive or rustic home this Fall! She will be a great a great accent to go with all your Autumn decor. Sits steady with a weighted base. Handmade in the USA with only the finest fabrics.


Wyatt The Mouse

Wyatt is an adorable Primitive mouse sitting on an orange pumpkin. He is a very distinguished fellow in his glasses and comfy sweater. Handmade in Pennsylvania, USA.


Large Black Cat holding Pumpkin

The large Black Cat with his seasonal Pumpkin is adorable. His white whiskers stand out against his black fur. Craig gives each piece the love necessary to create such stunning art pieces. Perfect to the Fall season or for Halloween!


Franky Halloween Frankenstein

Franky is the Halloween Frankenstein! Handmade in the workshop of Craig Yenke you will fall in love with the attention to detail. Perfect for the Fall and Halloween season.


Small Barred Owl

The C. Yenke studio has created this realistic small Barred Owl. You will be ready for him to fly across a room! That is how realistic Craig has created this beautiful creature. Handmade in the USA!


Large Barred Owl

The elegant large Barred Owl is a beautiful piece of wildlife art. Made completely by hand from the studio of C. Yenke. Craig makes each piece with great details that bring this bird to life.


Cleta the Witch

Cleta the Primitive Witch will make a great addition to your Fall home decor. Perfect sitting on a shelf or mantel she is completely handmade. Great for Halloween but can be left out for the entire Harvest season. Made in the USA.


Spook the Ghost Holding Pumpkin

The whimsical Spook the Ghost is perfect for Halloween or Fall decor! He's holding a pumpkin. Great detailing in this folk art piece. Handmade in the USA!