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Christmas In The Country Oval Charger

The Christmas in the Country Oval Charger is a great addition for your next Holiday gathering. This 13 x 16 inch platter is slip decorated in white, yellow, copper, iron, tan & manganese and is bordered with a whimsical Christmas scene.


Arnett's Santa In Blue Union Suit JPC6

2019 Arnett's NOW in-stock for a LIMITED TIME! The Santa In Blue Union Suit JPC6 brings a touch of the late 1800's to your holidays! This American Collectible is handmade with Primitive details & hand stitching.


Snowboy Norman with Shovel & Greens

Norman the Snowboy is handmade upon order due to high demand. His matching sock cap and sweater, along with warm scarf, keep him warm on a cold day. Perfect on your mantel or shelf this Holiday season!


Merry The Primitive Snowman Holding Cardinal

We are proud to EXCLUSIVELY offer Merry the Primitive Snowman holding the Cardinal. This is the only place you'll find this pretty lady with her red scarf, checkered dress and detailing. Also choose her partner, Oswald, and have the complete set.


Oswald The Primitive Snowman

We are proud to EXCLUSIVELY offer Oswald the Primitive Snowman with Cardinal detailing. This is the only place you'll find this handsome fella with his checkered overalls and detailing. Also choose his mate, Merry, and have the complete set.


Nathan Snow Boy

Nathan the Snow Boy sure is cute! Dressed in this jeans with matching sweater and hat he's on his way out the door to shovel the sidewalk. Complete your set today by adding his partner, Amanda, for this Holiday season!


Amanda Snow Girl

It's all about the right outfit and Amanda the Snow Girl is dressed for every Holiday party! With her plaid skirt, tan jacket and matching green scarf & hat she is sure to stay warm. Complete your set with her partner, Nathan.


Bernard Snow Boy with Top Hat

Bernard is one of the finest dressed Snowmen you'll ever see! This sharp dresser loves his festive colors, red scarf and top hat. Complete your look this Christmas with his mate, Alice.


Nicole Snow Girl

Nicole is a sweet lady ready for Holiday fun! This handmade Christmas collectible is dressed in plaid skirt, tan jacket and matching green scarf and hat. Be sure to see her partner, Sam, to complete your set. They make a great couple!


Ginny Snow Girl

Ginny is all dressed for a day of Holiday shopping. This sassy snow girl is all dressed to go out with her red plaid skirt, green scarf and matching red sweater and sock cap. Complete your set with Ginny's significant other, Gus!


Gus Snow Boy

The handsome Gus the Snow Boy is headed out to clear the sidewalk! His matching red sweater and sock cap will brighten any holiday decor. Match Gus with his made, Ginny, to complete your set.


Trixie Snow Girl

This sweet lady, Trixie, is showing her "snow-baby bump" while she's bundled in her plaid skirt with matching sweater and sock cap. A perfect addition for you Christmas decor this year. Add her partner, Tim, to complete your set.

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