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Gold Finch Figurine Handmade - 4.25"

One of the most beautiful small birds is the Gold Finch! Created in this figurine with the bright coloring that you would see in the wild. All handmade in the USA. In-stock and ready to ship.


Cardinal Handmade Figurine - 7"

This Cardinal handmade figurine looks so realistic that he appears to have just landed in your garden. Handmade in the USA with paper-mache and other reusable materials. In-stock and ready to ship.


Benjamin Peter Rabbit - 8"

From whiskers to coat buttons, the detail on this bunny is something you'll want to display! Craig Yenke's wildlife creations are always handmade - no molds or preformed shapes - and designed to showcase the item's character & realism. In stock.


Sitting Black & White Rabbit - 5"

This little bunny is the perfect addition to your Easter décor! Inspired by centuries-old German techniques, you'll appreciate the workmanship & attention to detail -- every piece created by Craig Yenke requires up to 20 individual steps to complete.


Sitting Brown Rabbit - 5"

This little bunny is ready to join your Easter collection! Made entirely by hand (no molds or pre-made pieces), artist Craig Yenke uses paper mache, cotton batting, & unique materials for coverings in his pieces. You'll treasure them for years to come!


Small Black & White Sitting Rabbit - 5"

How cute is this little guy? Inspired by centuries-old German techniques & his own love of animals, artist Craig Yenke creates one-of-a-kind wildlife pieces from his Ohio studio. You'll appreciate the workmanship & treasure this piece for years! In stock.


Small Standing Rabbit Brown & White - 8"

This sweet, standing bunny is the perfect complement to your Easter décor! Ohio artist Craig Yenke's handmade wildlife pieces are inspired by centuries-old German techniques. You'll love the attention to detail & treasure each addition to your collection!


C. Yenke Black & White Rabbit

The Black & White Standing Rabbit is SO realistically stunning! The artist makes this by hand of 100% paper mache, . Craig Yenke is inspired by art from Germany from more than 2 centuries ago. No molds or pre-made pieces were used.


White & Black Spotted Rabbit - 8"

Sweet & spotted, this adorable bunny is the perfect addition to your Easter collection! Animal lover/artist Craig Yenke creates his handmade wildlife pieces using paper mache & specially selected coverings (no molds). The attention to detail is stunning!


Large Rabbit Standing White with Black Ears & Spots - 11"

Inspired by his love of animals, Craig Yenke creates one-of-a-kind handmade wildlife pieces using paper mache, cotton batting & carefully selected coverings. This large spotted rabbit is packed with personality & hop into your collection. In stock.


Large Rabbit Standing Black Ears Black Paws - 11"

This large C. Yenke rabbit will make the perfect mantle display or centerpiece of your collection! Like the artists of centuries past, Craig applies similar techniques to craft one-of-a-kind, original pieces entirely by hand. In stock & ready to ship.


Pippy The Fox Sitting - 7"

Proudly sporting a rusty bell collar, Pippy the fox will make a charming addition to your Yenke collection. Handmade from specially selected materials (never molds) the artist draws inspiration from his love of animals and techniques from centuries past.

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