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Gold Finch Figurine Handmade

One of the most beautiful small birds is the Gold Finch! Created in this figurine with the bright coloring that you would see in the wild. All handmade in the USA. In-stock and ready to ship.


Cardinal Handmade Figurine

This Cardinal handmade figurine looks so realistic that he appears to have just landed in your garden. Handmade in the USA with paper-mache and other reusable materials. In-stock and ready to ship.


Cat with Birdhouse Handmade

This whimsical Cat with Birdhouse is handmade. Great for cat lovers! Made in the USA of paper-mache and other reusable materials. In-stock and ready to ship.


Americana Mouse with Top Hat and Flag

The Americana Mouse is a delightful addition to your Early American decor. Each piece is handmade. No molds are used in the making of this mouse.


Bald Eagle Ornament Handmade

This adorable baby Bald Eagle Ornament was handmade in the studio of C. Yenke. While it is made as an ornament it can also sit on a shelf or flat surface. In-stock and ready to ship.


Primitive Handmade Abe Lincoln

The Primitive Handmade Abe Lincoln was specifically made for our shop. This is a beautiful handmade that isn't sitting on a shelf with hundreds of others. Each is one-of-a-kind and fits beautifully with any Americana decor.


Small Barred Owl

The C. Yenke studio has created this realistic small Barred Owl. You will be ready for him to fly across a room! That is how realistic Craig has created this beautiful creature. Handmade in the USA!


Large Barred Owl

The elegant large Barred Owl is a beautiful piece of wildlife art. Made completely by hand from the studio of C. Yenke. Craig makes each piece with great details that bring this bird to life.


Sitting Pig with Spots figurine

This little guy is so cute and realistic looking! In the sitting position you can see all his personality.. Completely handmade in the USA. In-stock and ready to ship!


Black Jersey Pig Handmade Figurine

This cute guy is a Black Jersey Pig! He's a handmade figurine made of paper-machec and other reusable materials. Completely handmade in the USA. Very realistic art! In-stock and ready to ship.


Baby Donkey Gray

The realism of C. Yenke is second to none like the Baby Donkey in gray. Created using a 20 step process that includes Paper Mache. You won't believe how real this looks. Made in the USA!


Large Holstein Cow

From the art studio of C. Yenke is the large Holstein Cow. With great detailing and rich colors this cow looks very realistic. Made of paper-mache by Craig with great attention to the details made in the USA.

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