C. Yenke Co.

Primitive Handmade Uncle Sam

One-of-kind, handmade, Primitive Uncle Sam by C. Yenke. Craig has outdone himself with this Americana Uncle Sam made especially for our store. Fine detailing makes this an heirloom find!


Patriotic Mouse with Top Hat and Flag

The cuteness factor is off the charts with the Patriotic Gray Mouse from the workshop of Craig Yenke. Each piece is handmade and special ordered just for our shop. This little guy features an Americana Top Hat, bowtie and flag.


Americana Mouse with Top Hat and Flag

The Americana Mouse is a delightful addition to your Early American decor. Each piece is handmade. No molds are used in the making of this mouse.


Franky Halloween Frankenstein

Franky is the Halloween Frankenstein! Handmade in the workshop of Craig Yenke you will fall in love with the attention to detail. Perfect for the Fall and Halloween season.


C. Yenke Halloween Witch

The Halloween Witch is a must have for your fun & spooky decor! This is made by hand with paper mache! Artist, Craig Yenke is inspired by hand mades from Germany more than 2 centuries ago. No molds or pre-made pieces were used. This art is amazing!


Large Black Cat holding Pumpkin

The large Black Cat with his seasonal Pumpkin is adorable. His white whiskers stand out against his black fur. Craig gives each piece the love necessary to create such stunning art pieces. Perfect to the Fall season or for Halloween!


Calf Holstein

The adorable Calf Holstein looks as if he just walked out the barn. The rich colors and crisp details gives this cow a realism you'll only find with C. Yenke Wildlife Art. Each piece is completely handmade in the USA.


Large Holstein Cow

From the art studio of C. Yenke is the large Holstein Cow. With great detailing and rich colors this cow looks very realistic. Made of paper-mache by Craig with great attention to the details made in the USA.


Small Barred Owl

The C. Yenke studio has created this realistic small Barred Owl. You will be ready for him to fly across a room! That is how realistic Craig has created this beautiful creature. Handmade in the USA!


Large Barred Owl

The elegant large Barred Owl is a beautiful piece of wildlife art. Made completely by hand from the studio of C. Yenke. Craig makes each piece with great details that bring this bird to life.


Large Nazareth Donkey - Handmade

The realism of the Nazareth Donkey is beautiful. Craig Yenke continues his legacy of fine art with this folk art piece for your celebration of the Christmas season. We ship coast to coast in the USA.