Lotions & Soaps

Barn Star Spice Room Spray

Sure to become one of your favorites the Barn Star Spice fragrance is a spicy apple butter cakel! The name comes from the label with the barn star, wreath, sunflowers and flag. It is skin safe & can be used as a body spray.


Strawberry Shortcake Room Spray

Freshen your space with the scrumptious Strawberry Shortcake! This terrace scent is a natural strawberry blended with vanilla cake. Not too sweet though, and is sold in a 4 oz bottle. Get your bottle today!


Orange Clove & Spice Liquid Hand Soap

The Orange Clove & Spices (also formerly known as Angel Star Light) Liquid Hand Soap is a blend of orange cloves & spice. You will love this delicious scent. The oils used are natural & skin safe. Made in USA.


Sunflower Organic Hand Lotion

The Sunflower Citrus Organic Hand Lotion is a delicious blend of rich orange spice cake. The oils used are natural and skin safe. Brighten up your day every day with this refreshing scent. Made in the USA!