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C Yenke Co Cow Handmade Ornament
C Yenke Co Cow Handmade Ornament

Cow Handmade Ornament


The Cow Handmade Ornament is made with paper mache, 100% with the artist's two hands. Craig Yenke is inspired by art from Germany more than 2 centuries ago. No molds or pre-made pieces were used. This art is stunning!

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Cow Handmade Ornament by C. Yenke features:

  • Size: 2.5" W x 5" T x 3.25" D
  • Made of:  Paper Mache, 100 percent with my two hands-start to finish  Craig doesn't use any molds or pre-made pieces.

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More about the artist, Craig Yenke:  Craig's love of animals becomes evident, as it takes up to twenty individual steps to complete just one piece. They are made from paper mache, cotton batting, and other uniquely selected material for the coverings. The results of his work have been referred to as the heirlooms of tomorrow.  Craig's love of animals is also inspired by hand made pieces from Germany more than two centuries ago. He creates a wide variety of wildlife pieces with a quality craftsmanship from Ohio studio.

Thank you for choosing to shop with us and considering the art of C. Yenke like this Cow Handmade Ornament.

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